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Clean it gently with soap and water. Trim away dead skin. If it's less than the size of a quarter (2cm or 2/3in), you can rinse it with hydrogen peroxide or betadine, bandage, and do a wound check every day or two until it heals. If it's over 1" (3cm) in diameter, you may want to see a doc and see if you can get something like Silvadene (Silver Sulfadiazine topical) ointment prescribed for it, which you'd apply either daily or twice a day usually. Larger than 2" diameter or so needs to be seen by a professional.

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A If a sun blister pops on accident, it will not get infected. It will just take a while to heal. If one pops on your shoulder, and there are no more blisters next to it, it can heal easier. Just press down on it, and ooze all of the puss (the stuff inside) out onto a kleenex.

However, if you were to pop one on your shoulder and there were others around it, the hole will drain out the other blisters.

Be sure to put aloe vera on your blisters every so often and it will sooth your aches, and it is good for healing .

Whatever you do, do not, AND I MEAN DO NOT peel off the skin after you purposly pop a blister. It will not be a pretty picture.



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aloe vera, olive oil, meluca oil, etc.

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Q: How do you care for popped burn blister?
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What causes a painful popped blister on nose?

usually heat, or a burn. it could ALSO be caused by frostbite.

What is the treatment for a popped blister from a second degree burn?

Cover wound in cling film and seek medical attention asap.

What does a popped blister look like after its been popped pictures please?

What is the Medical term for blister when popped?

Vesicle = small blisterBulla = large blisterA vesicleThe word "vesicle" is often used for the small ones.another word for blister is spot

What should you use as first aid on your popped blister second degree burn?

you do not what to put anything on it clean it with salen and a clean paper towel after it is clean you need to dry and rap all of the burn to prevent infection should be cept dry raped and clean.

When I popped and drained a blister on my toe I now have redness heat and swelling on top of my foot is it infected?

Yes. And this may be a very serious type of infection. A trip to urgent care is in order.

What is treatment for blood blister on eye?

A doctor should prescribe treatment for a blood blister on the eye. This should never be popped or handled with dirty hands.

Which type of burn gives blister?

A second degree burn causes blistering.

What are the signs of a burn?

Signs of a burn are localized redness, swelling, and pain. A severe burn will also blister.

Should you prick burn blister on palm of hand?


Will warm water blister a first degree burn?

No it will not.

You were running on the hot streeet bare foot and got a blister because it was so hot is it a blood blister or blister?

A blister has clear fluid under the skin, and a blood blister has blood under the skin. If it's a burn, it's most likely a blister.