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How do you care for your tooth now if you had a major infection and had to get it pulled?

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Gargle warm water with salt in it and spit it out. Do this 3 - 4 times a day. Salt is good for toughening up the gums (I do it every day) and also to help heal faster.

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Would you get an infection if you pulled a molar?

That depends on how you pulled it (I'm assuming you didn't sterilize anything)and how you've taken care of it since. No, you wouldn't automatically be guaranteed an infection but yes its possible. ~ T

Why does your breath stink after you get a tooth pulled out?

The reason that your breath may smell bad after a tooth extraction is that proper home care is not being used. General brushing and rinsing with salt water should help. If bad breath continues, then you should see your dentist as there may be a possible infection.

Is a tea bag good for a tooth abscess?

A tea bag can actually draw out some of the infection in a tooth abcess, but it is no substitute for dental care.

What is the difference between getting your tooth pulled and getting a root canal?

When a tooth is pulled it's gone. When you have a root canal the root of the tooth has become infected, the dentist uses a conventional cavity drill to get down to the nerves then uses a very small, flexible drill-like wire to drill down through the nerve of the tooth. Actually, the dentist goes down through each of the nerves since there are usually a couple nerves in a tooth. After the nerves are removed, the tooth is allowed to drain and either a filling or a crown is put over the tooth. The infection is taken care of during this process and the tooth is saved.

How can you tell the difference between pain and infection from wisdom teeth?

Unless there is a nerve exposed, the pain typically comes from an infection. Depending on the circumstances, most dentist will not work on the tooth until the infection is taken care of first. The patient is usually given an antibiotic, which will take care of the infection, thus reducing the pain.

Can a infected wisdom tooth become dangerous to your health?

An infected wisdom tooth can definitely become dangerous to your health. Any infection could potentially be life threatening if not taken care of.

How do you care for you mouth after all of your teeth are pulled?

After all of your teeth are pulled, you will need to be very careful and keep bleeding to a minimum and avoid dry sockets. There will be much more chance of infection as well with all of the teeth being pulled.

What to do when you have a hole in your gum next to your tooth?

Visit your dentist immediately. If it is an infection, care and treatment will keep further problems from happening. It could be a cavity.

Do teeth extractions hurt?

When you go to get a tooth pulled there is a reason, maybe it was already hurting. The dentist will put you to sleep for a minute or give you a shot to numb the area, you will feel little to nothing when it gets pulled. And nearly every time, after the tooth is pulled you will feel much, much better.But it will hurt a bit later and if you don't take care of the spot were your tooth got pulled you may get a dry socket I had four pulled out yesterday. The worst bit is afterwards. You cannot feel a thing when they take the teeth out, apart from the dentist tugging it. but that don't hurt at all. The injections arent that bad either (unless it hits a nerve vessel, which mine did) apart from that its fine- ishh :)

What are the disadvantages of contact lenses?

The major disadvantage is the high risk of infection and therefore the amount of care you have to take while using them.

Cat chews to one side and makes noise?

Is it the sound on grinding teeth? If you aren't able to inspect the cats teeth yourself take it to the vet. One of my cats died of this because I waited too long to get it taken care of. She quit eating and got a major abscess from infection on the side of her head. If it is a tooth, it needs to be removed before infection sets in. Good luck!

How do you treat tooth infection?

By seeing your Dentist right away. They're the only ones who can give you a course of treatment such as giving you antibiotics, pain pills & letting you know what needs to be done to take care of your tooth infection. In the meantime, you can gargle with a very warm glass of saltwater & you can also dilute hydrogen peroxide with water & gargle to help you out until you can get to your Dentist.

What is an infection present in a health care facility and transmitted by health care workers to the patient?

It is called nosocomial infection.

What is a persistent infection?

An infection that does not go away despite adequate care.

Why does your bad tooth cause your ear to hurt?

First, you must get to your dentist or to your primary care doc right away. If this is an infection, you don't want it. It may be a problem with a root, and the pain is radiating to the ear.

Top right wisdom tooth pulled five days ago now have horrible earache?

You probably have dry socket! I know it sounds bad, but apparently its pretty easy to take care of! Get to your dentist ASAP!

Can every tooth get a cavity?

in theory if you do not take care of your teeth you can get a cavity in every tooth! you can even get more then one on each tooth at once!

Dental caries can be defined as?

Dental caries can be defined as bacterial infection which damages the tooth enamel and makes holes in the teeth. It is normally called as tooth decay. Cavities are the main cause that results in tooth decay if not taken care on time. Proper attention, cleaning and good eating habits should be considered by people.

What causes a gum infection?

Not taking good care of your teeth. Bacteria form a 'plaque" pronounced "plack", on the teeth, particularly at the gum line. That plaque can then extend along the surface of the tooth below the gumline towards the jawbone and create a deep infection that can cause you a lot of trouble.

If after 2 yrs a root canal and crowned tooth has infection and it is taken care can you still lost the tooth?

I believe you meant to ask if it is possible to save such a tooth. Well it all depends on the present condition of such a tooth. It is technically possible to remove the crown, then remove the root canal filling and redo the whole thing. But wheteher it is worth the time effort and money would have to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

How long does it take for a tooth to decay?

it will be depend on the current condition of the tooth and how are you going to take care of it in the future...

How does a tooth die?

A tooth can die do to dental diseases. They also can die from lack of proper care and preventatives.

How was dental care in middle ages?

there was no dental care, and if you had a problematic tooth, you got drunk and then got someone to hit you in the face with a rock so that the tooth would come out.

Will penicelin treat tooth infections?

penicillin is good if you have an abcesses or swollen tissue from an infection although it will take a day or so to work it may stop the pain for a day or up to a week, but unless you take care of the problem with the tooth like have it removed or a root canal and a crown put on the tooth, the problem will keep occuring sometimes each time worst than the first.

How do you use the word infection in a sentence?

infection means: spreading of germs sentence: If you don't care for the cut soon, you might get an infection.