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How do you carry prescription drugs when flying?


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Log on to In the top right hand corner you will find a link to "Travelers". In that section click on the link to "Frequently asked questions from travelers." You will find a number of specific questions that have already been asked, and can ask your own.


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To carry Ramipril when flying from Gatwick, you will need to have the medication in its bottle from the pharmacy. You will also need a valid prescription from a physician for this medication.

You are not allowed to carry prescription drugs ANYWHERE without the bottle. This is proof that the medication is prescribed to you. Especially controlled substances.

As the laws relating to drugs vary in different country's that would be a wise thing to do.

Pills you can carry on no problem even without the bottles. Its liquids they have problems with.

You have to have the prescription bottles with you for each drug you are carrying.

Prescription drugs require a prescription from a doctor to get. Non-prescription drugs can be bought by anyone. Certain eye medicine and deodorant can be considered prescription drugs that have to be ordered. Other types of drugs, like advil and other pain killers can be bough as non-prescription drugs.

A person can bring prescription drugs and equipment onto an airplane if he also carries the prescription.

what is non prescription drugs

It says nothing about prescription drugs. There was no such thing as prescription drugs when the constitution of the United States was formed.

What is a prescription drugs do you mean?If i try to find some information about a drug, i use one of online medical information resorce...(you can use google or yahoo for that)One of my favorite: that... talk with your dr. about this drugs.

Depends on the type of drug. In the UK they should carry a 'Do Not Use After' date.

Of course not ! The whole point of them being prescription drugs - is that their distribution is controlled and monitored !

Illegal drugs and prescription-only drugs cannot be sold on eBay. Non-prescription drugs are sometimes available.

Canadians can legally obtain domestic prescription drugs at licensed pharmacies.

Most prescription drugs are not known to affect the sperm production.

Yes most prescription drugs appear in your urine

Any drug that requires a prescription (unless you have the a prescription) as well as illegal drugs.

what prescription drugs have tetrahydrocannabinal in them?

All of them, but obviously they are looking speficially for illegal drugs. Prescription drugs will show up, and a prescription will be necessary to verify the reason for the presence of the drugs.

To buy the latter kind you need a prescription from a doctor.

Yes prescription drugs bad for you. They can make you sick and you can die from them. hope it was helpful, momygirl26

Yes prescription drugs stay in your system for 3 days.

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