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my granny took out four penny insurance policies for each of her four daughters to mature when they reached 75 or mother has now reached 75 and tried to find out what she would be due from the prudential they have told her as granny took out the policies it was her money and would have to be divided between the four of them but they all have their own policies and as my youngest aunt has 13 yrs to go till then my mother is not pleased as she sees this as her money as they have their own policies and she could be dead by then especially as this was her funeral money as she puts it so be warned

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Why did James Cash Penny name his store JC Penny?

James Cash Penny used his initials to name his store.

Who do you call to cash in an old policy?

the policy is a 500 hundred dollar policy was taken out on me in 1970 im 50 years old now what do i need to do to cash my policy

How much is a penny policy worth from 1947?

in the uk penny policy to this date is worth about £7000

How do you find out the cash value of a policy?

Can I get the answer on line, or do i HAVE to call in? Where can i GET the cash value for my policy?

Cash value of policy?

Cash value of a policy is the value or worth of the policy in the local currency, if surrendered immediately.

What is Penny Lernoux's birthday?

Penny Lernoux was born on January 6, 1940.

When was Penny Lernoux born?

Penny Lernoux was born on January 6, 1940.

When was Penny Fuller born?

Penny Fuller was born on 1940-07-21.

How do you cash in a life insurance policy?

You call the life insurance company and get the present cash value out of the policy. The policy will then be divested.

Can you cash in a life insurance policy that is paid up?

If you have an old life insurance policy can you cash it in for cash value

Can you find out for penny policy for Charles bates of heathfield Sussex?

this penny policy was takem out by kate bates for charles bates can you please tell me how to claim from this policy

When was Penny Antine born?

Penny Antine was born on June 10, 1940, in USA.

Policy that allowed arms sales to allied warring nations if they paid in cash?

cash-and-carry policy

What does JC Penny Stand For?

James Cash

What is the value of 1940 gold Mexican penny?

no such coin

How much does a 1940 penny coast?

4 cents

When was Fred Cash born?

Fred Cash was born on October 8, 1940.

When was Nancy Sales Cash born?

Nancy Sales Cash was born in 1940.

When was Bill Cash born?

Bill Cash was born on 1940-05-10.

Can you collect cash from your life insurance?

If your policy has a cash value associated with it you can get money for surrendering the policy. Term Life has no cash value, but a whole life or universal life policy may have a cash value in it. That depends on what type of policy it is, how long it has been in force, and assuming the payments have been made.

Can you cash in your policy on your husband?

i don't know if he has a do i find out?

What is the value of a 1940 Fiji penny?

Ask the Reserve Bank of Fiji to find out the exact worth of the penny.

What is the value of a 1940 Indian head penny?

No such thing. Abe Lincoln has been on the penny since 1909.

Can the actual cash value of an extended term life policy be liquidated by the insured?

no there is no cash value in a term insurance policy

What does the JC stand for in JC Penny?

James Cash

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