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How do you catch Celibi?

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Go to the secolian ruiens after beating the Pokemon league (I call it the Joto Five) and battle 100 unowns. Then go to the last chamber of the secolian ruins and it should be there. (You must battle 100 in the one time. You can not save and start from were you left off. If you save and turn off, you must start from the start. If this doesn't work, I'm sorry. I got this Info. from a different person.)

2011-09-12 23:53:04
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How to catch celibi?

get from a special event

How do you catch a celibi in platinum?

You cant

How do you catch celibi in Pokemon Gold?

you catch celibi in Pokemon gold by beating the elite four 2 times then talk to pro oak the run around in the grass then you should find celibi that's what i catch him a t level 75 good lucckk:)

How do you catch celibi on pokemon diamond?

You cannot catch Celebi in Pokemon Diamond.

Catch celibi in ruby?

you can catch him only with cheat code : A3AFC93BCAE30FEC its 100% works!

How do you catch celibi in HeartGold?

i think u have 2 trade or migrate

How do you catch celibi in ss?

wi-fi event or use hacks.

What do you do after you catch all 26 unowns in Pokemon soul silver?

you get celibi

How do you catch celibi in Pokemon XD?

You cannot catch Celebi in Pokémon XD. You Can Catch Celebi Only If You Trade From The GBA System

Can you catch CELIBE in heartgold?

you need to go to a wi-fi event to get celibi

How do you catch celibi in soulsilver?

Only through Nintendo events, of which there are few at the moment.

How do you catch celibi in Pokemon diamond?

In Diamond,Pearl and Platinum, You can not obtain Celibi unless... ... You go to a special event. Go to to see updates on upcoming events!

How do you catch celibi on Pokemon platinum?

to do this you have to catch all of the unknown and talk to the wall and he will appear randomly on the game. Hope i helped.

How do you catch celibi in Pokemon Platinum?

You can only catch Celebi (My favorite Legendary) if you import him from another Gba game and catch him in the Pal Park. Sorry!

How do you catch Celibi on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't other wise you have to trade from Pokemon Collosium

How do you catch celby and Pokemon HeartGold?

you can get celibi on heartgold only from a wi-fi event

How do you get celibi in soul silver?

You have to get 350 Pokemon in the national pokedex and professor elm will give you a pokeball.You go to ilex forest and celibi comes and you catch it. P.S it will be at level 100.

How do you get celibi in platinum?

Well you have to go to velistone city buy a great ball go in tall grass and theres celibi ive tried it its weird i MIGHT have a slight chance of failing!!! this is a bull answer because i tried it. You only catch celibi by having an " Action reply ".

How do you catch celibi on ruby?

Without a cheat, Celebi isn't available in the games. You have to get it from a Nintendo Event

How do you catch celibi on pokemon firered?

to get celibi on fire red first go to the safari zone and go to the water and use surf. then use your fishing rod. then goto the elite 4 and lose. then go to professor oak and talk to him he will battle you if you win he will give you a celibi if you lose you have to start over again

How do you get celibei in Pokemon FireRed?

By a gameshark code only or other codes......Enter the code to catch celibi in the GRASS.....

How do you catch celibi in Pokemon fire red?

go to berry forest on three island cut all the grass.

How do you catch celibi in heart gold?

ok, after you beat all 16 gym badges and beat red at the top of mt. silver you go to the ilex forest and standing right next to that little hut will be lyra and celibi.

How do you get a gs ball in Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant catch celibi by by putting the gs ball in the shrine GS BALL DOES NOT EXIST.

Is there any way to catch Celebi in Pokemon Emerald using an Action Replay Max?

sorry there is no way to get celibi outside of japan