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How do you catch Deoxys without Nintendo event?

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2011-09-12 23:54:12

ok getting deoxys is random, every day a rocket launches (in

Pokemon ruby, Sapphire, and emerald) beating the elite four 4-6

times equals a day so keep beating the elite four until the number

is over 56 now its random you never know what number will take you

to the moon for example it could be 73 or 61 or any of them, so

each time you beat the elite four go check the number of rocket

launches and sooner deoxys will appear. for jirachi i think you

have to have 5 stars and all 200 Pokemon in your pokedex and you

have to catch flight #100. BEWARE YOU CAN ONLY GO TO THE MOON ONE


im afraid this is not true the number of launches is just how

many weeks you've been playing the game. In other words there is no

way to get deoxys without going to an event, you might be able to

cheat in some way but im not sure.

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