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How do you catch Garitina?

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to catch a gariina you have to use a master ball from cyrus

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Where to catch garitina?

Well to get Garitina use the master ball to catch Garitina or some dusks balls or timer balls or some quick balls.

How do you get garitina in white version Pokemon?

You can't catch Garitina on Pokemon White.

What happens when you kill garitina on diamond?

If you kill Garitina on diamond, you will kill am and never have him. i would recommend saving before you catch Garitina.

How do you catch Garitina in Pokemon Platinum?

u cant

How do you get into sunnyshore city in platinum?

catch or defete garitina

What do you do after you catch garitina?

You go and get a action replay and get the rest or get darkri with the event

What pokeballs do you use to catch garitina in Pokemon pearl?

a master ball

On Pokemon Diamond what is the highest Pokemon that you can catch?

i think garitina L.70

Where to catch shiny garitina?

You need a cheat on a m3 card to get a shiny Giratina

What is the Pokemon soul silver catch any Pokemon cheat?

yeah i did a cheat of garitina

Can you catch garitina in Pokemon Pearl?

yeah go to turn back cave but u need to have national dex

Pokemon pearl where is the most common tile to find feebas?

you can find feebas on the way to catch garitina diaogia and palkia you need to use a good rod to catch him

How do you catch garitina esaier in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you buy an action replay and get the event and then use the 999 masterballs cheat

Can you catch garitina in Pokemon White?

if you are talking about giratina, you cant. the only way to get him is to transfer from Pokemon platinum pearl and diamond

Who should you use the Master ball on in diamond?

you should catch garitina and garitina is in the game no cheats or hacks or ars or use it for mesprit because i here alot of times everybody is like I cant find mesprit or something like that here is the last reason use it for an event oh if you want to get garitina email me at good luck

What is garitina?

Its a Pokémon

What city is garitina in?

Garitina appears after you beat the Elite Four. It will be under Hearthome city i believe.

How do you get garintina in Pokemon Black?

You cannot catch Garitina on Pokemon Black. However, you can trade for one or transfer one from a DS Series game.

Can you catch garitina after defating him?

No, you can't just like the other legendaries you must either catch it or defeat it. Unless you deafeated it and then saved and asked this you must either hack with action replay or restart your game then recatch it.

Can garitina evolvein Pokemon Pearl?

No. He can not.

How do you get garitina sky form?

you cant.

How do you catch garitina in the distortion world?

simple use a master ball i thing only master ball because giritina is a legendery and normal pokeballs don't work

Can you get Giratina again?

well you can only get garitina once but if you have action replay you could get it as much as you want or you could trade people to get garitina again

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