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How do you catch Mew in Cerulean Cave?

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You cannot catch Mew in the Cerulean Cave because it can't be found there.

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Can you catch Mew in Cerulean Cave in FireRed?


Where is Mew in HeartGold and SoulSilver?

You dont catch mew You catch mewtwo in cerulean cave

Where do you catch mew in Pokemon FireRed?

Cerulean cave

Can you catch mew and Mewtwo?

NO!You can only catch Mewtew in Cerulean cave

What do you do in cerulean cave in Pokemon HeartGold?

You catch Mew-Two

Where can you catch mew two in Pokemon FireRed?

The Cerulean Cave

Can you catch mew in soul sliver?

no you cant but you can catch mewtwo in a cave in cerulean

How do you catch mew in heatgold?

mew cant be found in hg but mewtwo is in cerulean cave

Can you catch Mew and Mewtwo on Pokemon Leafgreen?

No you cant get Mew on leaf green, but you can get Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave.

Where in cerulean cave is Mewtwo?

You can NOT catch mew in there. But you can catch mewtwo. do not look it up on youtube. THEY LIE!!! you can only get mew on a DS event (2011 and so on)

Soul silver how do you catch mew two?

cerulean cave after you beat all the gym leaders

How do you catch mew two in leafgreen?

You have to beat the elite four and then go to cerulean cave and then you go all the way through then at the end is mew two and you have to catch it that is it

Is mew in the cerulean cave?

No, Mewtwo is

How do you catch mew 2 in fire red?

either cheats or go to cerulean city and go into the cave.

How do you catch mew-too in HeartGold?

beat all the kanto gyms and the cerulean cave opens

How do you catch Mew3 in Pokemon FireRed?

Mew 3 doesn't exist and the only Mew-anything you can find is mew2 at the back of Cerulean Cave.

I beat the Pokemon league 67 times can you still catch mew in the cerulean cave?

I found a website saying you can only get Mew in FireRed by trading Mew from Emerald.

Where is mew in soul silver?

Mew is not in in Pokemon SoulSilver. There was a Mew event however that has ended on February the 11th. You can still catch a Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave at level 70.

Is it true mew is in cerulean cave?

I tried to do all cheats without the gameshark but theres nothing in the cerulean cave,sorry. I want a mew to but no way.......

Can you catch mew-two in HeartGold?

Yes. You must go to the Cerulean Cave and interact with the Mewtwo inside.

How do you capture mew two in Pokemon Red?

you catch mewtwo in the cerulean city cave after you beat the Pokemon league

Do you need a master ball to catch mew in pokemon firered?

No, you do not need a master ball, if you get it to a low enough hp, you can catch it with an ultra ball. You can find mew in the end of the cave in cerulean.

Where is mew in Mewtwo's cave?

Mew cannot be found in Mewtwo's cave which is known as the Unknown Dungeon as well as the Cerulean Cave.

Where is mew two in cerulean cave on Pokemon soul silver?

On Pokemon SoulSilver, to find mew two in the cerulean cave, you need to go to the bottom floor.

In order to catch mew in cerulean cave in Pokemon LeafGreen do you have to beat the elite four exactly 12 times or can it be more?

You can't get him in cerulean cave without cheating somehow. You have to get the old sea chart at a Nintendo event to get to faraway island to find mew.