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There is no way of catching Mew without a Game Shark in Pokémon Silver, Gold and Crystal.

Alternatively, however, you can obtain a Mew in Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow versions. I won't go into how to do that here, though, as there are several websites that have this information (try YouTube for visual info). This is caused by a glitch, and is legit (technically). You can then trade it to Pokemon Gold, Silver, and/or Crystal.

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Q: How do you catch Mew on Pokemon Silver without using a Game Shark?
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How can you get all Pokemon in Crystal without a Game Shark?

catch them

Where can you catch a tedeerisa in Pokemon silver?

You cannot catch Teddiursa in Pokemon Silver.

Can you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Silver?

No you can't catch Mewtwo in Pokemon silver, you must trade it from Pokemon yellow.

Where do you catch teddiursa in Pokemon Silver?

to find out how to catch teddiursa in Pokemon silver... YOU CAN'T IDIOT

How do you catch all rare Pokemon on Pokemon silver?

you catch them.

Where can you catch Deoxys in Pokemon Silver?

You can't catch Deoxys in Silver..

How do you catch Pokemon gligar in Pokemon Silver?

You can't catch a Gligar in Pokemon Silver. However, you can trade one over from Pokemon Gold.

What is the wardens challenge in Pokemon soul-silver?

Catch Pokemon

Can you catch Squirtle in Pokemon Soul Silver without going to Oak?

no there are no wild squirtles in the game

Where do you catch a Chansey in Pokemon Silver?

In Pokemon silver you can catch a chansey in Fuschia city at midnight or a silver chansey in the morning. Hope this helps

How do you catch omanyte in Pokemon Silver?

You can't get Omanyte in-game in Pokemon Silver.

How do you catch mew in Pokemon diamond without using a game shark?

You have to upload it from FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald.

In Pokemon Silver How do You catch?

in Pokemon silver you can catch Pokemon as how you catch in other versions. in the Silver version is where the use of special Poke balls were introduced just like Fast Ball, Heavy Ball and Lure Ball.

What is the strongest Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon Silver?

its is dialga

Where do you catch Kyogre in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You can't catch kyogre in Pokemon soulsilver.

How do you catch Kyogre in Pokemon soul silver?

sorry you have to trade it to Pokemon soul silver

What is the difference between Pokemon gold silver and Chrystal?

the legendary Pokemon are different levels when you catch them. also in crystal there is a battle tower where when you beat it you can catch suicune without a masterball because you can battle him without him running away.

Where do you catch Hoho in Pokemon Silver?

You can catch Hoho at night.

Where to catch Pikachu Pokemon Silver?

You can catch it in Route 2.

How do you catch kioger in Pokemon Silver?

you cant but you can in soul silver

How do you catch riku Entei sucunie in Pokemon gold not silver?

You catch them the same way you do in Silver.

Can you get raquayza in Pokemon silver?

no it's not possible to catch rayquaza in silver but if it is a hacked version you can catch it

How do you catch all the Pokemon in ruby without using game shark or action replay?

yes u can all u have to do is get a link cable and trade Pokemon u cant catch from the other game to ruby.

Where do you catch a drogonite in Pokemon Silver?

You can't catch Dragonite in Pokemon silver but you can catch a dratini. You can find dratini behind Blackthorn gym in the cave. Be careful they flee!

What Pokemon in Pokemon silver knows headbutt when you catch it?