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First you have to have the starter Pokemon charmander( it can be a charizard ) and then get lucky by walking around in a patch of grass.

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Q: How do you catch Suicune in Pokemon Fire Red?
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Is there an easier way to catch Suicune in Pokemon fire red?

Use a Master ball on Suicune but there is an easier way get Suicune. Catch a Pokemon who has the ability of spell tag.

Where do you get a Suicune in pokemon platinum?

you cannot catch a suicune wild in platinum, hoewever you can migrate it from an other game like fire red.

How do you catch Suicune on Pokemon Red?

You cant

How do you catch Suicune without hacking in Pokemon fire red?

depends on your starter. one of them makes suicune random in the wild (just like gsc) Josh

How do you catch Suicune in Pokemon Pearl?

you have to have the action replay for it first. Then, go into the mystery zone, walk around there for a while and then suicune will pop to get a suicune:you cant catch it in pearl you have to migrate it from fire red or leaf green whoever told you that is able to be caught in Pokemon pearl lied

What legendarys can you catch in Pokemon fire red?

Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Mewtwo, Entei/Raikou/Suicune (depends on what starter you chose).

What is a good water Pokemon for Pokemon Fire Red?

Blastoise, Gyarados, and Suicune.

How do you get to the legendary Pokemon in the Ice Fall Cave in Pokemon Fire-red?

to get it u need to have get suicune use max repel and if a Pokemon appears its suicune!

How do you get a Rotom in Pokemon FireRed?

You cnnot catch it in Pokemon fire red ,but you can catch it in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.If you want it to be in your fire red,you will have to migrate it from your Diamond/pearl to your fire red.

You cant find Suicune in Pokemon fire red gba?

start out with charmander

How do you get Suicune on Pokemon Diamond without action replay?

to get suicune on Pokemon diamond without action replay is to migrate from Pokemon fire red version or leaf green

Where do you catch electabuzz on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can only catch them in Pokemon fire red.

How many legendary Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon fire red?

four without cheats Articuno Zapdos Moltres Mewtwo plus one of the legendary dogs; entei, suicune or raikou

Do you need the rainbow pass in Pokemon fire red to be able to catch Suicune raiku or Entei?

Yes because you need to get the ruby and sapphire and bring them to celio then the dog will appear either suicune/raikou/entei.

If you catch one of the legendary birds before you beat the elite four can you still catch Suicune in fire red?

Yes (Why not?)

Where do you get Slowpoke in Pokemon Fire red?

You can't catch it on Pokemon Fire Red. You have to trade it from Leaf Green.

How do you find Suicune in Pokemon emerald?

You dont. you trade it from leaf green or fire red.

How do you get the 3 legendary dogs in Pokemon Ruby?

In Pokémon Ruby you can't catch Entei, Suicune and Raikou, you must trade them with someone that has Fire Red/Leaf Green.

Where do you find Suicune in Pokemon Red version?

Suicune is not available in the original Pokemon red - game

How do you get raikuentaiand Suicune on FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen?

to get suicune in Pokemon fire red you beat the elite 4 and you have charmander as your starting Pokemon. Then go to a grass area with max repel....USE IT!!

Where do you get Suicune in Pokemon preal?

you need to migrayed bia pal park from your Pokemon leaf green or fire red

What all rare Pokemon can you catch without mystery gift on Pokemon fire red?

Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos, Raikou/Suicune/Entei (depends on what starter Pokemon you chose), Mewtwo and Unown (in the pokedex its considered rare).

How do you get a Raikou in Pokemon?

You can automatically catch one in Pokemon colliseum. You can also catch one in Fire Red and Leaf Green. Once you obtain the national dex you can find it ocassionally in the wild if your starter Pokemon was Squirtle. * Raikou=Squirtle * Entei=Bulbasaur * Suicune=Charmander

Can you catch Entei raikou Suicune in Pokemon sapphire?

The only way to obtain them is by trading from Pokemon fire red/leaf green being as you can't trade between 1st/2nd to 3rd generation.

Do you need to have all of the unown to catch Suicune in Pokemon fire red?

No just start with charmander and beat the elite four and search all over kanto. Eventually he will appear