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Q: How do you catch a fairy without getting a spell cast on u?
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How do you become a fairy mermaid?

you search how to be a mermaid and say what the spell says and then catch a fairy a dead one wont do and catch it at night and put it in a jar with air holes and after three weeks let it go and take the fairy dust pour the fairy dust in warm milk and stir and then drink it

A spell to be a fairy?

They are not real and you can not be a fairy.

What is the best spell for becoming a fairy?

There is no spell to become a fairy as fairies are not real.

What is a spell to turn into a fairy?

trow fairy dust on yourself

How do you spell Faery?


Is there a spell to make you a fairy?


How do you give your baby a fairy object on babydawcom?

you have to become a fairy with a kind of spell on line

What spell is there to become a real fairy with wings?

No such spell exists. There are no such things as spells or fairies.

How do you spell fairy tale 1 word or 2?

Two words. Fairy tale.

Are there other ways to spell fairy?

The variant spellings of the word "fairy" are faerie, faery, or (rarely) fae or fay.

How do you break the spell of fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin?

by saying his name.

Can you give us a fairy spell that works?

umm... none