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How do you catch a mew in pearl?

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I'm sorry, but it's not possible to catch a mew in Pearl, Diamond or Platinum. As far as I know the only ways to get one is transferring one from another game or getting one from an event.

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How to catch mew in Pokemon Pearl?

Mew cannot be caught on Pokémon Pearl.

Where to catch mew in pokimon pearl?

You carnt

How do you catch Mew in Pokemon Pearl?

u cant catch mew in this dude(or dudet)u can only trade(i know i hate it to its stupid)DR.911 out peaseif you have nds you can find it in cheatsyou cant catch mew in pokemon pearl

What Pokemon games can catch mew?

Pokemon pearl

How do you catch Mewtoo and Mew on Pokemon Pearl?

You can't get a Mew unless you cheat, I think. A Mewtwo you can only catch in Fire Red\Leaf Green and transfer to your Pearl.

Where can you catch mew in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't, so get over it.

Where ican catch mew in pearl without action replay or cheats?

you can't get mew without a cheat

Where do you catch mew two on Pokemon Pearl?

You can't catch it at Pokemon Pearl, you'll have to Transfer it from LeafGreen/FireRed or trade it with SoulSilver/HeartGold

Where do you catch mew and mew two in Pokemon pearl?

I don't think you can catch MEW without a action replay. But you can catch MEW2 in Pokemon Fire Red or Leaf Green. You CAN'T cach mew without an action replay, but you can trade mew-two from the other games to the newer ones

How do you catch mew on Pokemon black?

you can't catch mew and you can't trade it from pearl platinum diomand heart gold or soul silver so no you can't

How can you catch mew on diamond or pearl?

you cant i got mine off gts

How do you catch Mew in PEARL?

its impossible unless you migrate form leaf green

Where do you catch mew in Pokemon pearl?

The easiest way is just buy a r4.

Can you get a mew in pokemon Pearl?

You can't catch one but you can transfer from the GBA games

How do you catch mew in Pokemon pearl whithout cheats hacks or wi-fi?

Mew is not avaliable in the game anywhere.

How do you catch Mew without an Action Replay in Pokemon pearl?

well you have to get a mewtwo because you cant get a mew unless you have a actoin replay.

How do you catch mew in soulsilver without cheats?

You Have to trade from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

How do you catch mew in Pokemon diamond or pearl?

The only way to catch it would be to migrate to pal park and catch it there, but you can trade for it at the gts if you have wi-fi

How do you catch a mew two on Pokemon pearl?

you have to migrate at pal park near sandgem town == ==

How do you catch shiny Mew in pearl without cheating?

You cannot, unless you trade with someone who cheated.

How To Catch Mew On Pokemon Pearl?

You can't without an event or action replay, gameshark,etc.

How do you catch mew in paerl?

You can't catch Mew in Pearl unless you have special map (you can find it at Nitendo events). Mew is located at Faraway Island. If you don't want to take the map from events, you can always cheat with Gameshark. . Greetings, -croman

Where do you catch mew in Pokemon SoulSilver?

I'm sorry to say, but their is no mew in soulsilver or heartgold. You can get a mew by getting POKEMON RANCHfor the Wii, you can get a mew in there, and transfer it to diamond or pearl, then trade it to soulsilver or heartgoldcerulean cave

How to catch Mew on LeafGreen?

You can't catch Mew if not through a official Nintendo event or using a cheating device.You cant catch mew. You can only catch mew if you hack.

Is there a way ro catch mew on pearl without cheat?

no but you can migrate from a GBA game if you have a DS lite