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There's only one legendary you can get on route 209. Spiritomb. You can get it by first putting the odd keystone into the broken tower. then greeting 32 separate friends in the underground (not the guys selling stuff) then going back to that broken tower and there's Spiritomb.


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You can catch Scythed on route 229.

It is possible to catch a Bagon on Pokemon Diamond if you have the Pokeradar. You can find them in Route 210.

On route 224 with the pokéradar.

You will have to be on Route 7 during a storm to catch a roaming Pokemon in Pokemon White 2.

Route 209 and in the southern part of Route 210.

You can catch Lanturn in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl by Fishing with the Super Rod in Route 220.

In route 222. How: Use pokeradar.

Swarm. Route 230 in the grass.

you have to use your pokeradar on route 205

go to route 207 with the pokeradar (only works in diamond)

you can catch dittos in Pokemon diamond and pearl with poke radar in route 218 but its pretty hard to catch them + find them. :)

you can catch snorunt on route 216 in the mountains (not mt. coronet).

you can catch rotom next to the old cheatu on route 205

Use the Radar on Route 208 or the west side of Route 211.

Go to Route 216 or Route 217 and use your poke radar.

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum you can catch Hippopotas in the Maniac Tunnel. You can also catch it on Route 9 in Pokemon X and Y.

In Pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum at route 218 and 222

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