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HIV/AIDS can be acquired either through, having sex with someone who has HIV using a needle that someone who has HIV used, or from a parent via birth. YOU CAN'T GET AIDS FROM A MOSQUITO! The HIV/AIDS virus can't live outside of the human body.

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You might catch HIV from a cut. If you get blood from someone with HIV in your cut then you can catch HIV.

It would be highly unlikely to catch HIV by caring for a person with HIV.

No, only humans and monkey's can catch HIV. (HIV in monkey's has a different name)

You catch HIV first because HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.

Herpes are easier to catch than HIV.

No.No you can not catch HIV from sweat.

No, you won't catch HIV from swimming in the same pond with a HIV positive person.

You can catch HIV from indirect contact with an infected substance.

No you can not catch hiv from Chlamydia.

Mosquito's do not transmit HIV.

you are not going to catch HIV from a clipper.

you get hiv or aids if you have sex with someone that has it without a condom

No. You can only catch HIV from someone who already has the infection.

No, you can catch HIV from having unprotected sex with someone who is HIV-positive. This can be straight or gay.

No. Mosquitoes can not transfer HIV. In Africa children who have not yet reached puberty and are not yet sexually active do not catch HIV. They do catch malaria. That shows that mosquitoes bite them.

No. If you do not have any sexual contact with another person, you cannot catch any sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. You cannot catch HIV from mastebation.

No you would not catch it by a sneeze.

It doesn't take a lot of blood to catch HIV ! A single drop of infected blood is enough !

You can catch HIV after a chlamydia infection, and having chlamydia increases your chances of catching HIV; but chlamydia won't turn into HIV.

NO. HIV travels through most body fluids.

Nanotechnology is not used currently for HIV treatment.

No, HIV/AIDs is not carried through saliva.

You get HIV from exposure to blood, semen, or vaginal secretions from someone with HIV. Getting chickenpox from someone with HIV will not give you HIV unless you had one of those exposures.

You can catch HIV from a women's fluid touching a burn on skin if the woman is infected with the virus.

No. You can only catch HIV from someome who is HIV positive. HIV negative = does not carry HIV, can't infect anyone else. HIV positive = does carry HIV, and can infect other people.

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