Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do you catch cresslia on Pokemon diamond or pearl?



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Get the NatianolDex by seeing every Pokemon in Sinnoh then go to Canlave City then enter Sailor Edriths House and the boy will be having a nighmare talk to his Mum then go outside and talk to the sailor he'll ask you to go to Full Moon island and obtain the Lunar Wing so go to Full Moon Island you'll find Cresselia it will teleport away when you talk to it go back to Canlave and give the Lunar Wing to the boy you will not be rewarded and if you have the marker map it will show where Cresselia is.(WARNING:Do not fly there or Cresselia will go somewhere diffrent.)And(Like Mespirit)You only get one turn in a battle with Cresselia unless you use Mean Look.Which will stop cresselia from running which is mostly used by ghost types like Gengar.