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You can catch Hoho at night.

you don' trade them......

Yes. You will be able to find Hoho on top of the bell tower after you have the rainbow wing and the clear bell and you can get lugia too

It is Ho-Oh and you cannot catch it on a gameboy you need an emulator on a PC to catch it and even with that you need cheats.

you need to migrate it from one of those original games

With some kind of pokeball. Maybe you should have asked how to find/get to ho-oh instead and not how to catch it.

u dont. just get the rainbow feather in pewter

sure you can just got take down his HP and use stragety and you will catch him

if you use the action replay rebattle code you can try to battle it again or try to catch it

you cant get hoho beacose there is law in Pokemon platinum that say that hoho is bad and he was vanisht forever but i really do think that hoho sucks lugia is actually stronger.

To get ho-ho or lugia you will need to get the mystic ticket from the Pokemon events and take the ferry to navel island.

trade from hg/ss or migrate from fire red/leaf green otherwise its impossible without cheating.

get the rainbow wing and get all 8 gym badges from jhoto and go to bell tower in ecruteak city

You could, but it would probably be harder. I suggest you should use a Master Ball, which you can receive from Proffesor Elm.

Catching Lugia and HohoIf you want Lugia you`ll have to go to the right when you get to split halls. But if you want Ho oh you`ll have to go to the left.Answerif you have a ticket you can use it to go to Navel Rock . Once you get the choice of two paths if you want to have the flamin' hot Hoho take the path to the left. If you want the splashin' cool Lugia go to the path on your right.

1 because you need to catch hoho/lugia but if you have action replay you can get 999x hope this was what you were looking for by dgamer297 :D

first you have to use cut on all the grass in the game then hoho will come and attake you.

No, you cannot catch Ho-Oh in Pokémon White 2, you can only get it in White 2 by either trading for it or by using the Poké Transfer Lab in order to transfer Ho-Oh from a previous game.

No, because it is a legendary Pokemon.

yes he is on the rooftop

you cant. well play Pokemon colessum and beat the 100 trainer thing or whatever, catch it, put it in emerald or ruby or whatever and pal park it to pearl.

i catched him with 7 badges on gold with a pokeball you have to have a rainbow wing (gold you have to get to the top of radio tower)(silver you have to get to pewter city) after you fly or travel to tin tower go to the top and he will be waiting for you and the easiest way to catch him is by master ball

They are in trophy garden honest its the truth

you can find ho-oh in the colosseum

no, no legendaries evolve from anything

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