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How do you catch sharpedo in diamond?

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i used a old rod and found a sharpedo.i found it in all the places it can be found in.i found one in route 203 and route 202. sharpedo holds the item master ball. I caught one and it was holding it. i nearly had a heart attack

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How do you defeat 7 Jim leader in emarld?

catch a sharpedo catch a sharpedo

Where do you get the deepseascale in Pokemon Diamond?

you get it from a sharpedo

How do you get Sharpedo's tooth in Pokemon diamond?

In a fcking Sharpedo.

Where to find sharpedo?

you can get sharpedo at mossdeep island in sapphire,ruby and emerald.At lake valor in diamond,pearl and platinum.And last you can't find sharpedo in firered and leafgreen

Where do you catch lumineon in Pokemon Pearl?

you catch that Pokemon in the same place as sharpedo

How do you get a sharpedo in Pokemon XD gale of darkness?

Catch shadow Carvanha, purify him, and get him to lvl 30. Then he/she will evolve into a Sharpedo.

How do you catch sharpedo?

use a super rod in pacifidlog

Where to catch sharpedo?

In Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Sharpedo can be found in a lot of Routes with the Super Rod. Most of these Routes that you can find Sharpedo in with a Super Rod are Routes 122 to133.

Where do you catch sharpedo in Pokemon platinum?

In the water of Lake Verity 

How do you catch sharpedo in Pokemon FireRed?


How do you get the deepstooth in Pokemon Diamond?

You're going to have to get the National Dex, and then catch either a Sharpedo or a Carvanha. Sadly, the possibility of getting one is very low, so if you have a Pokemon with the move Thief, then you can see if the Carvanha/Sharpedo has one, instead of going through the trouble with catching them.

Pokemon diamond how to get a sharpedo?

go fishing at suny shore city.

How do you catch Sharpedo in emerald?

Use a super rod its rare though.

How do you catch a Groudon in Pokemon Ruby?

you have to have a level 50 blaziken and sharpedo

Pokemon shadows of almia sharpedo?

If you're lookin' 4 a Sharpedo, you have to go to Puel Harbor, go underwater and find the bridge key Sharpedo took. You need a Mantine to get to him, but Mantine are everywhere, but very rare. Sharpedo is hard to catch up to, but easy 2 capture.

Where do you catch Sharpedo in Pokemon Ruby?

I know in emerald you can at Mossdeep with a super rod.

What Pokemon can you catch using a super rod on Pokemon ruby?

wailmer and sharpedo

Where to find a sharpedo in Pokemon pearl?

You actually go to Pastoria marsh, take out a fishing rod and you'll catch a carvana at some point. I evolves by leveling into sharpedo.

How do you catch sharpedo Pokemon Ranger?

Either you take a Mantine and chase it or you just have to chase it.

What do you need to catch sharpedo on Pokemon black?

You'll need a Pokemon and a Poke Ball.

How do you find a sharpedo?

Sharpedo are not available to catch in the wild on Leaf Green or Fire Red. You can catch them in Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald then trade to your Fire Red and Leaf Green games. This is the PokeDex page about them:

How do you catch sharpedo on Pokemon white?

You'll need to fish in rippling water at Village Bridge.

How do you catch the diamond Pokemon?

wat do you mean "how do you catch diamond Pokemon"?you catch Pokemon with pokeballs

Can you catch raikui in diamond?

No, But you can catch one in Firered and then Migrate it to Diamond

How do you catch Groudon in Diamond?

You catch him in Pokemon RUBY migrate it and get it in diamond.