Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

How do you catch to the seveislands on Pokemon FireRed?


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After beating the league go island 1 and go to ceilio. Talk to him and he'll give you the rainbow pass. it lets you go to the sevii islands.

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You can catch Moltres at Mt. Ember Peak in FireRed.

You can catch a Ho-Oh at Navel Rock in Pokemon FireRed.

You cannot get it in Pokemon FireRed. It doesn't matter because it is not necessary in Pokemon FireRed.

you can't catch any hoenn Pokemon in firered or leafgreen you must trade hoenn Pokemon from ruby or sapphire or emerald to leafgreen or firered.

You cannot catch it on Pokemon firered only on diamond pearl and thhe new one Pokemon platinum

You can not catch a Staryu in Pokemon FireRed version, because Staryu is version-exclusive to Pokemon LeafGreen version.

You can't get mew in firered or leafgreen.

Sorry, but in fire red you cant catch magmar. but in leafgreen you can. the Pokemon firered has as a replacement for that is electabuzz. :)

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Growlithe is found in the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island in Pokemon Firered.

You can't catch it on Firered you can only catch it in Emerald

you cannot catch a numel in firered you can in emerald, ruby, sapphire.

You can't catch Darkrai in Pokemon FireRed, it is a 4th generation Pokemon so therefore unavailable in any of the GBA Pokemon games.

You can not catch a Charmander in Pokemon Firered you must ether choose it as your starter or trade one from Leafgreen

No. You can catch a Growlithe in FireRed in Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar island. FireRed is the same as LeafGreen so you can catch it. ;P i have 2 of them

You can not catch it in leafgreen,but in firered you can.

it can't be coucth in firered or leafgreen

You cannot catch a Stantler in Firered get one from Pokemon emerald or Pokemon colosseum.

Its impossible to catch any hoenn Pokemon in firered if you want hoenn Pokemon like groudon and kyogre trade them from ruby, sapphire or emerald to receive them in firered.

Actually there's and event for ho-oh and lugia... but nowadays you can only get there via hacking, and glitches.

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You can't catch Mightyena in FireRed but you can trade it from Ruby Sapphire or Emerald.

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