Mother's Day
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How do you celebrate Mother's Day in Uruguay?

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We usually share a lunch or a dinner with all the family, and we buy presents.

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When does Uruguay celebrate it's Independence Day?

Uruguay celebrates its Independence Day on August 25th. (1825)

How does Uruguay celebrate Independence Day?

With a military parade.

Why do we celebrate Mother's Day on 8 may?

there is no reason for it to be on the 8th of may, that i know, but i can tell you why we celebrate mothers day. We celebrate mothers day to remember all the things mothers do for us, and it is a time to relax and spoil your mum too. hope it helps!

Who celebrate Mother's Day?

Mothers and their families.

Do all countries celebrate Mother's Day?

Yes, all countries celebrate Mothers Day.

How do spanish people celebrate Mother's Day?

they celebrate it like American style mothers day(:

How many countries celebrate mothers day?


Who celebrates mother's day?

Mums/mothers celebrate MOTHER'S day

Do polish people celebrate Mother's Day?

Yes, they do. They celebrate Mothers Day (Dzień Matki) on the 26th May.

Why are only mother's celebrated on Mother's Day?

Because its called MOTHERS day. you're not going to celebrate your dad on mothers day - there is fathers day for that :)

Does everyone celebrate Mother's Day?

Not everyone celebrates mothers day, for personal reasons. But, mothers and women today play a big role in our community, I feel that everyone should celebrate that!

Why do you need to celebrate Mother's Day?

It is important to celebrate Mother's Day for everyone to show their mothers that they are grateful for what they do, and to make them feel special. It is even important to show the women in your life that are mothers that they are special.

Do they celebrate Mother's Day in Brazil?

Mothers Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Why is Mothers day all about mothers?

it is about mothers because hint the word mothers day

Which people celebrate Mother's Day?

Usually, most mothers and there families.

Why do people celebrated Mother's Day?

Mothers day used to be a day where children got a day of from work and got to see there mothers and family and now because children don't work anymore it has changed into a day where you celebrate mothers and fathers day was made up because of mothers day.

What religions don't celebrate Mother's Day?

Mothers' Day is a secular holiday, not a religious one.

Why do people celebrate mothers day?

To appreciate your mother for every thing she does for you. :) :p

What is the purpose of Mother's Day?

To celebrate all the wonderful mothers around the world.

How do different cultures celebrate Mother's Day?

well my country amman, jorden does not celebrate christmas,mothers day,fathers day,pretty much all the other hoildays. we have a hoilday simalir to mothers and fathers day and also christmas. its called eid we get money and gifts from friends and the grownups as get money so its like mothers and fathers day and christmas

What holidays do people celebrate in Colombia?

christmas mothers day new years day christmas halloween.

Did Uruguay celebrate Thanksgiving?


Does Uruguay celebrate Thanksgiving?

No, they don't.

Why you celebrate mothers day?

Honestly, I don't - I live a thousand miles from my mother and she doesn't need any more crap cluttering up her house. However, most people celebrate Mother's Day to thank their mothers for all that they do - teaching, caring, being there.

Do Muslims celebrate Mother's Day?

They may, but since in Islam mothers are VERY important, some don't celebrate it due to the fact that they think Mother's Day should be everyday, not just one day.