Chrysler PT Cruiser

How do you change 2002 pt cruiser dash light?


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  1. Turn off the engine and open the PT Cruiser's hood. Use the socket wrench to remove the negative terminal from the battery. The battery is found under the air filter in the engine compartment.

  2. Remove the pillar trim from both sides of the dashboard by disengaging the tabs bottom and top tabs on both pillars. Try to use your fingernails instead of a tool as tools can scratch the dashboard trim.

  3. Remove the center bezel by pulling it off. Remove the heat/AC unit, the fan and the radio by disconnecting the electrical connectors from the rear of each device and disengaging the locking tabs.

  4. Remove the two screws on the dashboard cover. There is one on the far left side of the cover and one on the far right. Remove the cover by prying it off the vehicle. Start at the right side and pry up on it, working your way around the edge of the cover.

  5. Remove the five screws surrounding the plastic housing on the steering wheel. This will loosen the plastic housing. Remove the steering wheel housing and pull down on the knee bolster before the steering wheel. This will reveal two screws for the lower left dash cover. Remove the screws.

  6. Pull the instrument bezel out of the vehicle to reveal the instrument cluster. This is where the bulbs are located. Remove the four screws from the cluster and disconnect the electrical connector at the back of the cluster.

  7. Turn the cluster around and pull out all six bulbs. Use a clean cloth to install the replacement bulbs. Place the instrument cluster back into the vehicle and reconnect the electrical connector. Test the lights. If they are all functioning, reassemble the dashboard in reverse order. Reconnect the negative terminal to the battery and close the hood.

quoted from ehow.