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Chevy Cavalier Z24

How do you change a 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 alternator?


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October 09, 2007 4:16AM

To protect yourself and your car, disconnect your battery before doing any kind of work that involves the electrical system of your car.

1. Remove the alternator/serpentine belt, either by pushing the spring loaded belt tensioner back using a 15mm wrench (a pain in the arse), or by cutting it with a knife (much easier), seeing as you should replace it during this process anyways.

2. Completely remove the bolt on the top left of the alternator using a 15mm wrench (viewing from front of the car)

3. Loosen (you don't need to completely remove) the top right bolt using a 15mm socket and extender

4. Remove the lower mounting bolt from the alternator (also 15mm), you may wish to temporarily remove the coolant reservoir (13mm bolt, I think)for easier access to this bolt and the belt tensioner.

5. Disconnect the two wires attached to the alternator, one is a plug, the other is a screw on type.

6. Finagle the alternator out of the engine bay, (once again, easier with the coolant reservoir out of the way)

Now complete steps 1-6 in reverse order, the only part that should require much force is pushing back the belt tensioner, you will need a 15mm box end wrench (get the longest one you have available out for torque), as a normal socket wrench won't have clearance, and be careful not to let the wrench slip and hit the hand you are using to slide the belt on, you could end up with a broken finger.