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The motor is, not surprisingly is at the bottom of the reservoir - and the best way to access that is through the wheel well - an alternative to removing the reservoir from the car - which is kinda a PITA too.

  • Safely jack up that side of the car and remove the wheel.
  • The front end of the wheel well liner is going to have to be unscrewed and pulled back. This will provide clear and open access to the bottom of the reservoir.

    NOTE: you could likely do all this without pulling the wheel off, but trust me - it's worth the effort.

  • There is a 2 wire connector and of course the rubber hose to be disconnected - hopefully the tank is mostly empty of solvent.

    NOTE: is might be easier to disconnect the wiring/hose after the motor is taken out of the reservoir. Better access to the connectors.

  • The pump itself is simply pressed into the bottom of the reservoir - it's a friction thing in combination with the fat rubber seal.

    The best tool to getting the motor out is a small angled pry bar - or even a tack remover. They offer an angled head to get the right leverage to gently extract the motor without damaging anything. Pry from a couple of sides - wiggle and pull. It'll come out.

The replacement motor I bought from Autozone ($15) was semi-universal - has the correct placement and configuration for the wiring and hoses, diameter of the intake and rubber seal. The universal part though is in wiring connection. You may have to do a bit of cutting / splicing / heat-shrink insulating.

NOTE: READ the included instructions all the way through BEFORE cutting! I didn't and made extra work for myself.

To install:

  • Insert the seal. Lubricate the inside of the seal with soapy solution, then insert the pump into the new seal until it is firmly seated
  • Re-connect the wiring and hose.

    Probably a prudent thing to put some solvent in and test before...

  • Put the wheel liner back, don't forget the front wheel and "Bob's yer uncle" and done.

NOTE: the day after I replaced mine, I was at a local junk... er, I mean "Salvage" yard for other parts - bought another pump for just $2 - a just-in-case spare while I was thinking about it. (and likely to never be needed ;))

The washer solvent pump is mounted into the bottom of the solvent reservoir. That makes the first step taking it out.

See "Related Questions" below for instructions on removing the reservoir from a 1996-1999 Taurus/Sable.

For the pump itself:

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Remove the reservoir from the vehicle, then disengage the electrical connector and hoses.
  3. Using a small suitable prytool, pry out the windshield washer pump, being careful not to damage the plastic housing.
  4. Remove the one piece seal and filter, then inspect for damage and replace if necessary. Flush out the reservoir and clean any foreign material from the wiper motor cavity or washer reservoir.

To install:

  1. Insert the seal. Lubricate the inside of the seal with soapy solution, then insert the pump into the reservoir cavity until it is firmly seated in the seal.
  2. Engage the electrical connector, connect the hose, then install the reservoir in the vehicle.

Do not operate the pump until fluid has been added to the reservoir.

  1. Connect the negative battery cable, then add fluid to the windshield washer reservoir.

Remove the reservoir, disconnect the hose & electrical connections - carefully pry the old pump out (avoid damaging the plastic housing).

When reinstalling a pump unit, use soapy water on the seal to help lubricate the rubber while sliding the pump in.

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Q: How do you change a Ford Taurus - Sable windshield washer pump?
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Even though it's been 15 years or more since I replaced my 1987 Taurus wagon's washer pump, I can confidently tell you the pump is in the bottom of the washer solvent reservoir / tank.Luckily the tank on the early models was easy to get out.A new pump is likely to cost only about $15 or less at places like Autozone, Advance, or one of the local parts shops.Also see the write-up in the Related Question below...

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