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How do you change a fuel pump on a 1981 cadillac de ville?


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Ok, number 1: disconnect the battery. 2. drop the fuel tank, by removing the retaining straps holding it up(2) note: make sure you have a jack or somone to help, also the lower the fuel level the better. 3. remove the ring on the top of the fuel pump, you'll have to tap it around until it clears all the locks. 4. pull the old assembly out. 5. make sure all the washers and rubber goes bck in exactly as it came out. remove the old fuel pump, replace it with the new on. Also change your strainer, and fuel filter( rear driver side directly in front of the rear tire. drop the new assembly back in, tighten the ring, place the fuel tank into place, put the straps back on, hook up the battery and get back on the road. Note. once the new pump is in place and all electrical is hooked up, before you put the tank back up, have someone turn the ignition, not start it but just cut the car on. make sure you can hear the pump cut on once the ignition is turned on. if this checks out. go ahead and put everything back. I replaced mines with a turbine pump and it works alot better than stock. - Wcb56


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