How do you change a headlight bulb on a citroen c5?

There is not a lot of room to move especially where the battery sits. It isn't essential to remove the battery, but try changing the other side first. And wait until the engine and bulbs are cool. You'll be doing this by feel

All directions are as if you're looking from the front. (Normally, directions are as if you are behind the wheel.)

1. Remove the plastic covers from the hydraulics and the battery.
2. Reach in from the side and locate the two round covers. (If your arms are thin and flexible, you might be able to reach from above.)
3. Remove the round cover with a quarter turn anti-clockwise.
4. Remove the connector from the bulb
5. The bulb flange is held by a wire clip. Push the clip to the front and then to the left.
6. Grasp the bulb by the flange and remove.

1. To replace, grasp the new bulb by the flange or connector.
2. Clean the bulb glass with a new, clean cloth. Do not touch the glass or use a dirty bulb or you will get a lot more practice replacing bulbs!
3. Insert new bulb, aligning the flange notch.
4. Push the wire clip to the left, then front then to the right to hook into place.
5. Press the power connector into the bulb.
6. Replace the round cover.
7. Replace the plastic covers from the hydraulics and the battery.

Headlight bulb is H7. Combination Fog lamp/Main Beam is H4. Side light is W5W and snaps into place without a clip.