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How do you change a license plate light on a 1979 Chevy Camaro?


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how to change the license plate bulb onLook at the rear plate , then get on the ground so you can look up to the underside of the bumper, where the plate is. There are two Phillips screws the hold your plate light, remove both, pull down gently on the light, then turn it co you can see the rear and with both Hans turn the socket and pull, there you will find the bulb. change it and do the reverse to install.

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You will need to remove the 1998 Chevy Camaro brake light wiring harness. Remove the brake light retaining screws. Reverse the process to install the new brake light.

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Change brake light bulbs Just remove the rear license plate. You can change the backup lights and brake light easily.

To change the license plate light on a 1998 Chevy Cavalier, reach up under the bumper and remove the bulb over the license plate. Then put a new bulb in the socket. The bulb can also be accessed by removing the lens on the outside, but there are screws to remove first.

remove interior panel and unscrew large black plastic nuts, remove light assembly

in back above liscense plate,there should be 2 screws undo these screws, and pull out assembly to change bulb.

Yes, all cars have a license plate light. It is mandated by law.

A Chevy Tahoe's license plate bulb can be used to light up the license plate. In the dark the license's plate will still be visible.

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Remove two rear lamp bolt/screws from rear license lamp. Remove lacense lamp from rear bumper fascia. Remove license lamp bulb and socket from rear license lamp. Replace bulb and install using reverse procedure.

turn the car to acessary or trun the car on with out turning the egine over and then hold the trip oil located by the by were it tell the millage on the car the change oil will then flash

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Pop the trunk, pull back the trunk liner, remove the 5 plastic screws/wingnuts, and separate light assembly from the car, remove the bulbs and replace.

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It is very easy to change the license plate light on an Oldsmobile Aurora. All you need to do is remove the license plate and look above where the plate was. There are bolts that are holding the light in. Unscrew the bolts and then replace the light.

their are 4 plastic nuts in the trunk that loosen the light assembly that the lights are in. Remove those and pull the assembly out and twist the connector for the license plate light to access the bulb.

Look in your owners manual if you still have it and if you don't go see your Chevy parts man and he can help you out.

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Warning lights come on when there is an issue. A Oil change light with turn off when an oil change has taken place.

If your license plate light is out change the bulb in it, if you have taillights your fuse is good as the license plate light uses the same fuse as the taillights.

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