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How do you change a starter on a Nissan 240 SX?


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First, get under the car using jack stands or a lift. The starter is loceted near the alternator but more towards the cockpit. It is a cylindrical shaped object about 7 inches long connected to a smaller cylinder. There are 3 if not two bolts holding the starter onto the engine. There is also an electrical plug. Unplug the wire, take off the bolts and take out the starter.


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If you can get it to auto zone, they will check it free.

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It is located on console near the floor of the passenger side.

1995-1998 had 155 HP, 2.4L engine there you go

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Yes. most motors in early 92 were still KA24E, so it will ALL change over. I just built (re-re-re-built LOL) my 89 from scrap 92.

there is a metal box under the center console, yank it out, done.

make sure you have the right starter first. sr20de to sr20det starters are different, all u gotta do is unplug battery(do not forget) and unplug starter, undo bolts, swap them over, bolt up, and connect battery again

On the Nissan 240SX the electric overdrive switch is located on the right side of the transmission. Overdrive allows shifting into the auto's fourth gear.

reverse/taillight fuse under driver side left fusebox panel

Google for "burp 240sx" its very common to have air bubbles in the system. Follow the directions to remove as much as possible.

The fuel pump on a 1991 Nissan 240 SX is located back by the fuel tank. It is an in-line pump, in the fuel line that runs from the gas tank to the carburetor. It is about the same size as a large soup can.

lug stud pattern is 4 on 4.5". 5 on 4.5" conversion hubs are available to make more wheel sizes available

go to your local library and get service manual for that engine it will show you a picture of the timing marks and explain how to line them up.

yes (2) one upstream (in exhaust manifold) and one downstream (just before catalytic converter) underneath car (exhaust).

No. All 240's are 4 bangers (24 valves are 6 cylinders). There is always the option of turbo-ing the 4 cylinder engines if you want more power!

You have to take the intke piping off and it should be right on the top of the trasmission. its pretty easy to get to i'v done a few.

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