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To change a stator on a 1994 883 sportster Harley Davidson, you can either take help from the videos available online or you can take it to the mechanic nearby.

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Q: How do you change a stator on a 1994 883 sportster harley Davidson?
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How do you remove the primary drive chain on a Harley Sportster 883 to change the stator?

Take the rotor and the clutch basket off at the same time

How do you check the stator on 1991 fxr harley Davidson?

Follow directions in manual for your model.

How do you remove stator on 1994 dyna wide glide harley Davidson?

To do this, you must have the manual.

How do you change a stator on a 2003 harley fxd?

Remove the wires from the Harley-Davidson starter. Remove the retaining bolts. The starter will come off. Reverse the process to install the new starter.

Where is charging system for harley Davidson 1340 cc evo motor?

is the stator ,under small round cover on egine.

How do you replace a stator on a 1995 Harley road king What does the stator do?

Remove the cables from the 1995 Harley-Davidson Road Tank motorcycle starter. Remove the retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new starter. The starter turns the engine over so it can start.

Where is an alternator on a 2003 harley Davidson wide glide?

The Alternator which is also called a Stator is located inside the primary case. You will have to remove the primary coverand the primary chain. The Stator is bolted to the engine at the crankshaft.

How do you replace a stator on a Harley Davidson?

Get a shop manual. remove primary cover and primary chain. Remove rotor. Unplug stator from voltage regulator. Remove stator. Reverse process to install. You will need a manual and an impact wrench... at very least.

Alternator on a Harley Sportster?

there is no alternator per say. your charging system consist of a stator which is behind the clutch assembly and a regulator which is on the front of the frame. check to make sure the plug under the bike has not come unplugged. it runs from the reg to the stator.

Can dexron lll be used in the primary chain case in a harler Davidson?

The primary oil does three things. Lube the clutch. Lube the primary chain . And cool the stator. If Harley thought Dextron would do this, they would have recommended the use of it. Keep your Harley a Harley.

Where is the stator located on a harley Davidson evo motor?

It is located inside the inner primary at the front of the motor below where the voltage regulator is mounted. The voltage regulator will have a wiring harness that plugs into the stator plug on the outside of the inner primary (the stator is located under the plug). You must remove the outer primary and the clutch basket to access the stator.

How deep is the stator on a Harley evo?

Way behind the clutch.

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