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Q: How do you change a sump gasket on a Renault megane scenic?
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Why have you got oil in your water in a 1997 Renault Megane Scenic?

Head gasket leaking?

What does the zigzag line warning signal on Renault megane scenic mean?

What does the zigzag line warning signal on Renault megane scenic mean

How do you change the speedometer reading on your Renault megane scenic from mph to kph?

Read the handbook

How do you change a turbo on a Renault Megane Scenic RX4 1.9 dci?

With a lighter and petrol

Will a Renault Megane ignition barrel fit a Renault Scenic?

Will a Renault Megane V Plate ignition barrel fit a Renault Megane Cabriolet R PLate?

Why is my Megane speedo not working?

Why is my Renault megane scenic 2005 speedometer not working?

How do you remove dash in 04 Renault Megane Grand scenic?

To remove the dash in 04 Renault Megane Grand scenic you need a tool box. The tools in the tool box will help you open and then remove the dashboard in the 04 Renault Megane Grand scenic.

How do you reset central locking on Renault megane scenic 2000 model?

how do you reset code for remote central locking on renault megane scenic v reg

Where can I download Renault scenic manual for free?

You can download the Renault Scenic manual for free at

How do you Replace engine mount on Renault megane scenic?


Is Renault megane accelerator cable the same as a Renault scenic on 1999 car?

yes same

How do you Replace the alternator on a Renault megane scenic?

when can fix alternator in namibia

Where is the aircon moduel for a Renault megane scenic?

Under the alternator, at the bottom.

How do you change the head gasket on a Renault Megane Scenic 1.9 Diesel?

your best option is to put car in will need special tools.also get cam belt changed while its in.hope this helps.steve

How long should it take to replace a clutch in a Renault Megane Scenic?

seven hours of labour at £39 per hour is what I was charged at my local garage to change the clutch in our Renault Scenic. Comments anyone?

How do you turn off passenger airbag on Renault megane scenic dynamique?

You can't

What oil does a Renault megane scenic fidji 2003 take?

Clean oil

Location of Coolant temperature sensor in Renault scenic megane?

The coolant temperature sensor in a Renault Megane Scenic is located on the right hand side of the engine as you are looking at it. It is located just above the TDC sensor.

Where can one find reviews for the Renault Megane Scenic?

The European based car model known as the Renault Megane Scenic can be reviewed at many sites. Among the most prevalent were Auto Trader and Review Centre.

What would cause Loss of compression in 1 cylinder in Renault megane scenic?

Worn valve, bent valve, damaged piston and/or rings, head gasket failure.

How do you reset the fault codes on a Renault megane scenic?

The quickest fix for electronic items is rebooting which is accomplished by turning them off and on again. The Renault Megane Scenic can be rebooted by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. A mechanic will typically do this at no charge.

Where can one get a used Renault megane scenic?

Used Renault Megane Scenics can be found through websites such as Autotrader, Parkers, AdTrader, and Gumtree. The Renault website also has a used car section.

What battery for Renault Scenic Megane key fob?

You need 2016 batteries (3Volt)

How do you replace the TDC sensor on a Renault scenic?

How do you change the TDC sensor on the Renault Scenic RX4

Where is the exact location of the cigarette lighter fuse on a 1999 Renault scenic megane?

fuse box