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How do you change a thermo coupling on a furnace?


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Generally, the thermocoupling is screwed on to the end of the line. It is usually bullet shaped and about 1 to 1-1/2 inches long. Just unscrew it to remove.

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The thermocouple tells the gas valve to supply gas to the burners. If the thermocouple is bad then the furnace will not work or the pilot will not stay lit. A properly working one will have a reading of at least 12 milliamps.

Bad thermo,replace. The thermo senses that the pilot is lit and opens gas valve,also could be bad or blocked gas valve.

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Hi - I did this once myself several years ago, in order to replace a faulty (permanently locked-up) thermo-fluid coupling (attached to the rear of the fan). Firstly, you will need to remove all the belts - one by one. This can be done from the upper side (bonnet) of the engine (all at the front). Once you have these off, you should be able to fit a spanner / socket down behind the fan, where the coupling attaches to the bearing block - this is very fidly, but is possible to do without having to remove anything else. From memory, there are 3-4 bolts holding the fan assembly to the bearing shaft-coupling. Once you have these off the fan and thermo-coupling are still attached together, but they are loose from the engine, and with some movement and shuffling can be got out through the gap from the upper side of the engine. The yellow fan can be disassembled from the thermo-fluid coupling if required. Refitting is the reverse of all the above.

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