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How do you change ac belt on gmc Yukon?


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Loosen the tensioner pulley. When the tensioner pulley is loose the belt will come off. Put the new belt on and tighten the tensioner pulley.


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The refrigerant capacity of the 2002 GMC Yukon depends on the type of air conditioning system the vehicle has. Front only AC has a capacity of 28 ounces. Front and rear AC has a capacity of 42 ounces.

you dont nid to change it is the same a/c is controled by the front control turn front on and turn rear on

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Have you checked your liftgate fuse? In my 2006 Yukon, when the liftgate fuse went out the rear ac wouldn't work nor would the electric locks for the liftgate itself.

The ac belt has a tensioner that is accessed from below, and takes a tensioner tool to loosen. Remove the serpentine belt, release tension on the ac belt then the belt can come off for replacement.

According to the 07 Refrigerant Oil Specifications an 99 GMC Yukon uses either 36 or 64 oz of refrigerant depending if the vehicle has rear ac. You can find more helpfull information about your vehicle ac system at

buy a belt, loosen the tensioner, replace belt

You have to remove the power steering belt and the AC belt to remove the alternator belt.

Evacuate the refrigerate, remove the belt, disconnect the AC lines with fuel line separators, unbolt the compressor.

you need a size 55 belt if you have ac truck comes wit 4 different sized belts

Simply purchase the belt for a non air conditioned version of your vehicle and route the belt the same as the old one excluding the compressor

What is your question?

Release pressure on the tensioner. Remove the belt, paying attention as to how the belt is routed. Slide the new belt on using the same routing.

Where is the AC sensor located on a 1992 GMC pickup

If the belt only drives the ac compressor, loosen the compressor mounting bolts to let pressure off of the belt. Remove the belt and put on the new one. Pull the compressor to the side and put enough pressure to tension the belt as you tighten the bolts.

The "serpentine" belt does not serpentine. It runs the alternator and water pump only. To change you will need to work from underneath. If you have AC remove the AC belt by loosing the AC adjuster bolt and sliding the compressor over. If you have to take the AC belt off better change it, they are cheap and you don't want to do this again for a long time. Loosen the alternator adjuster pinch bolt. Some Fireos has a adjuster screw, some don't Move the alternator to loosen belt. Remove and install new. Tension belt to recommended tension on packaging on new belt. Reinstall AC belt, use the tension instructions on the package.

The AC Belt connects to the crankshaft pully outer pully the one in front of the crankshaft belt

You can't just change the a/c belt, its a serpentine belt, go to your shop, it should cost between $20-$50, I never needed one for my Murano yet.

on a 1999 gmc 1500 suburban 5.7 l where is the ac condensor

You actually expect to get an answer. Would that be a Ford, Chevy, GMC, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan, or any other of the makes of trucks out there?

The ac belt will need to have the tensioner to take the belt off. The serpentine belt is in front of the compressor belt and will have to be removed first.

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