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Okay. First, breathe deep because you will get aggravated, I know I was. Facing the vehicle from the front, find the nut on the top right of the air filter housing and remove it COMPLETELY. Next, locate and LOOSEN the hose clamp screw on the short piece of hose going from the rear of the filter housing to the intake on the engine. Gently slide the hose off of the intake. Now squeeze the two tabs on either side of the hose section toward each other and separate it from the filter housing. Do not disconnect the sensors attached to the hose as you only need to move the hose a little bit toward the windshield/firewall for extra room. On the left side of the filter housing, lift off the wire connection clipped there. Again, no need to disconnect, just leave it hanging. Now lift the housing from the right side off of the bolt where you removed the nut. The only other thing holding it in place are two pins underneath on the right side so lift about an inch to clear them. Finally, push housing toward the windshield/firewall and then rotate the end closest to the bumper up and out bringing the filter out with it. Remove filter, clean out the housing, insert new filter, and have fun reinstalling in reverse order. Make sure to properly seat the hose back onto the intake or it could allow dirt to enter the engine. Yippee!!!!!

The trick is to remove the air filter housing entirely from the engine compartment. Then it's simple to remove the air filter cylinder and replace. When the housing is out you can dump or blow out any debris. Install the new air filter on the hose and clip into housing. Then return housing making sure you line it up with the two bottom pins and put the nut back on. Tighten the hose clamp back on the intake and you're done. This job takes about 10-minutes. If you have Jiffy Lube or some other quick oil change place replace this air filter, then check to ensure that the wiring harness and hoses are reattached properly. Sometimes they do an poor job.

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Q: How do you change an Air Filter on a 2004 Chrysler Sebring?
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