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Since most cache memory is located on or near the processor (say, inside a slot device for slot-packaged processors), you'll need a new processor entirely. Some older computers allow you to upgrade a cache chip on the motherboard, so you can refer to the computer documentation to find how to upgrade that chip.

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Q: How do you change cache memory?
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What are the different types of cache memory?

There are different type of cache memory: processor cache memory, cache memory ram,1 cache memory l2, cache memory, CPU cache memory, disk cache memory, hard disk cache, cache memory motherboard.

What Are The Different Types Of Caching?

There are different type of cache memory: processor cache memory, cache memory ram,1 cache memory l2, cache memory, CPU cache memory, disk cache memory, hard disk cache, cache memory motherboard.

Cache memory and register memory?

Register memory are smaller in size than cache memory and registers are faster than cache..Cache memory store the frequently used data from main memory..

Is cache memory visible?

No cache memory is not visible.....

What type of RAM is used for cache memory?

sram is used for cache for cache memory.

A MEMORY cache that is part of the processor to the internal memory cache is called?

Level 1 cache (l1 cache)

What is the maximum size of cache memory in a processor?

The maximum size of a cache memory is theoretically equal to the amount of primary memory(RAM).Like Cache only memory architecture where the whole memory space is filled up with the cache only.

What is cache hit and cache miss?

Type your answer here... in cache memory when the CPU refer to the memory and find the word in cache it is said to be hit or produced....... if the word is not found in cache it is in main memory it counts as a miss

What goes in a cache memory?

The data that are frequently used goes in the cache memory...

Why cache memory is needed?

Cache Memory is needed because Hardware implements cache as a block of memory for temporary storage likely to be used again.

Differences between virtual memory and cache memory?

cache is temporary while main memory is permanent

What is the difference between cache-memory and primary-memory?

Cache memory is smaller and quicker, primary memory larger and slower.

What is the difference between cache memory disk cache?

memory cache is on memory RAM, disk Cache is on the hard drive. They make things to get faster. For instance Google Earth use this disk cache to show you offline images.

What is cache memory on PC?

Cache Memory is the synonym for CPU Cache. This CPU cache helps reduce the amount of time to access the main memory of your computer. The Cache will contain copies of the memory you most frequently look at so it saves a lot of time. The Cache is a lot smaller than your computer memory as it only contains a slight portion.

Is cache memory a form a ROM?

Cache is a type of memory (physically as in chips or dynamically allocated as part of a operating system), but cache memory is NOT ROM as generally cache memory is rewritable (volatile memory). You see this feature in computer processors (you may see something like L2 or L3 cache) or mechanical hard disks (e.g. 8MB cache).

Is cache memory is main or sec memory?

cache memory is neither main memory nor second memory. DDR's are Main memory and Disk is second memory.

Can you name the two cache memory?

l1 cache l2 cache

Why is cache memory smaller than main memory?

because cache memory is costlier than main memory and physical size of cache memory also matters.ignoring the cost , if we use large cache memory, it will take larger physical mother board won't be able to accomodate it

How does cache memory reduce the memory access time?

Cache resides in between the CPU and the main memory. Whenever CPU requires some data, it first looks it in the cache. If the data is available in the cache[called hit], then the data is transferred to CPU.But in case , if data is not available in cache[called miss], then it has to be fetched into cache from the main memory. So using cache we can reduce the access time to fetch the data from memory by making it available in the cache.

How many type of cache memory?

there are twothree.instruction cachedata cacheconsolidated cache

What is another name for cache memory?

Just cache.

Is cache a block of high speed memory?

Yes ,i think cache memory is very fast memory in conputer system.

Is Cache memory in static ram?

Yes the cache memory is a static memory because if the static memory if we want to clear the memory the memory was clear because of this property it is static memory.

What is a cache?

Answer:- The Cache memory is placed between the CPU and the main memory. It is a fast speed memory and is expensive and faster than the main memory. Cache memory is used to store the frequently accessed data of main memory. The instructions that are frequently used by the CPU are stored in the cache memory. It is used to reduce the average access time for address, instructions or data, which are normally stored in the main memory. Cache memory increases the operating speed of the system. But is much costlier than main memory. From economic considerations, the capacity of the cache memory is much less as compared to main memory..

Is Cache memory a primary memory?