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u cant.

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Q: How do you change dorm in yu-gi-oh spirit caller?
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How do you get in obelisk blue in yugioh gx spirit caller?

Unfortunately, you can't change your dorm, you're stuck in Red. However, you can change your uniform which is a second good thing. Good luck!

How do you move up a dorm in yu gi oh spirit caller caller?

you can't

How do you get the dorm jackets in yugioh gx spirit caller?

to get the ra yellow, duel professor sartyr until he gives it to you. if you want the obelisk blue, i think you duel zane until he gives it to you.

Can you change another spirit if you activated it in yugi oh GX spirit caller?

Yes. To change your Spirit Monster, go back to the Slifer Red Dorm. In your room, select the "Closet" option and choose the Spirit symbol to change.

How do you change the uniform in yugi oh gx spirit caller?

To change clothes, go back to your room in the Slifer Red Dorm. Then choose the "Closet" in your room.

How do you get to the abandoned dorm in spirit caller?

it is in the northern part of the island, but it only shows up when you need to go there.

Where is mindy on Yu-Gi-Oh gx spirit caller?

She is on the east side f the island and at the girls dorm.

Where is mindy on yu gi oh gx spirit caller?

She usually resides near the Obelisk Blue Girls' Dorm or near the beach.

Who and where is the guy that stole Yugi Motos deck in Yu-Gi-Oh Spirit Caller?

Dimitri stole Yugi's deck and he can be found near the Slifer Red dorm.

Yugioh spirit caller school dule chazznort acadmy vs you?

First you must be Level 12+ and have done the Dimitri event (you find him randomly outside the Red Dorm). Crowler will announce that Duel Academy will have a match between their representative duelist and the representative duelist of North Academy. They will have to choose between you, Jaden and Bastion (guess who's representing Duel Academy [^.^] ).

Where to find a spirit in spirit caller?

You get it in an event. After you beat Alexis Rhodes when she invites you to Blue Girls dorm with a mysterious email. When you go to sleep, you'll "hear" something calling you. Go to the Northern part of the island and find a dried well; look for spirits there.

Can you change dorms in Yugioh GX tag force evolution?

You can but only if your level is high enough lv. 25 for ra and lev. 40 for obelisk blue good luck