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mine is a 95 mx-6 but it should be the same thing. first obveously take off the tires. then the brakes then dis assemble the a frame to make i easier to take out the half shafts. there are 2 one is directly plugged into the transmission and one has an extention shaft (passenger side) after everything is open take out the retaining bolt for the half shaft. then you should be able to pull it directly out. it may need some prying but should be fairly eaisy if not get underneath and gently pry with a claw tool to pop it free. be careful though when you take the one out of the tranny on the drivers side. the tranny will puke fluid if its not totaily drained wich on that model is almost impossible. then just replace the seals when you put in the new ones and that's about it.. also use cation when disasembling the a frame since theres a gas shock there. just take enugh apart to be able to get out the half shafts..

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Q: How do you change drive axles on 1994 Mazda MX-6?
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