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Easiest thing I've ever done!!!!! Take off the wheels and use a 1/2" closed end wrench or socket to break the 2 bolts holding the rotors to the wheel. Be sure to be loostening the 1/2" bolts and not the smaller bolt that holds the pad support to the caliper. Take the bolts out and the caliper lifts right off. Remove the pads and take a 12" C clamp and tighten it in the piston cavity and over the the caliper body to push the piston in. (The rear on my 02 pushed in but some models may screw in on the rear only. Auto parts stores let you use the tool for a simple deposit if yours screws in. You will be able to tell if it is the screw in type if the piston cavity has notches on each side.) After depressing the piston put the pads on and put the caliper back on the rotor. Watch how the pads go on as you take them off because there is a little spring that goes a certain way on one pad on each wheel. (Also some replacement pads have small spacers that stick to the back of the pad...follow instructions in box) I did all 4 tonight for the first time and it only took me 1 1/2 hours...start to finish... including getting tools out and putting everything away. Tools needed: 1/2" closed end wrench 1/2" socket, 3" extension, socket wrench(I used an air wrench but really didn't have to) 12" C clamp flat blade screwdriver...medium size (used to pry apart pads) large hammer (used to tap on wrench to break bolts loose) jack, jackstands, tire wrench (air hammer if you have one) Cost for the best ....ceramic $21.99 rear/$34.99 front. Hope this helps *EDIT* FYI bolts for the caliper are 12mm and bolts for the pad support bracket are 13mm. 1/2 is close but can strip the head if the bolt is really tight.

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Q: How do you change front brake pads on a 2003 Alero?
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