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How do you change head light bulbs in 96 Chevrolet cavalier 22l?


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turn the bulb clockwise until it pops out unclip it put in new one and twist it back in tadaaaaa!


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To change the dash light bulbs you must remove the instrument panel.

Remove the light assy and turn the bulbs counterclockwise.

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The Chevrolet Cavalier low gas warning light goes on when there is 1.5 gallons of gas left. The average Cavalier can go approximately 40 miles.

Change brake light bulbs Just remove the rear license plate. You can change the backup lights and brake light easily.

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The light change will depend on the ground effects kit, and how it was installed. If the kit will unbolt then removal should give you access. If the kit is riveted onto or molded into the body then the car may have to be raised to get to the light.

To change the light bulb on a Nissan Micra first lift the hood of the car. Find the headlight housings the pull the light bulbs from the ballast. Replace the bulbs.

The 2002 Cavalier has a reverse light switch. The switch can be bad, or have a loose connection causing the lights not to work.

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