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How do you change headlamps in a 2002 Grand Am?

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2011-10-20 17:01:56
2011-10-20 17:01:56
2002 Grand Am headlight replacementFirst pop the hood. If you look directly down behind the headlamps on either side you will see two hex screws one on each side of the head lamp(these are adjustment screws, they do not need to be moved). Directly behind the hex screws there are two tabs, one behind each hex screw. These tabs need to be pulled up they do not have to be pulled completely out, just up enough to release the head lamp. Sometimes they will stick and need to be jiggled a bit. Once the tabs are pulled you can pull the headlamp assy away from the car. The only real problem is the retaining rings that hold the bulb in place usually breaks when removed. There is 90% chance that you will have to buy the retaining ring from the dealer. About $12.00. Remember try not to touch the bulb when replacing it, touching in can greatly shorting the life of the bulb. Also the bulbs should be replaced in pairs even if you have only blown one head light. When reinstalling the headlamp just remember to make sure that everything is lined up so the tabs will lock into place. If you do a lot of your own work on your grand am I suggest getting a copy of the Haynes Repair Manual for the Grand Am. Lots of good info for the shade tree mechanic.


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