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How do you change host name in windows XP?

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windows key + pause key,

click computer name,

click change.

Restart PC

there may be a better way without having to restart but I haven't found it yet. For those who do not find the pause key: it has the same effect as right click on "My Computer" and choosing properties.

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To change a host name in Windows XP, click start, control panel, performance and maintenance, and then system. From the system screen, click the computer name tab, enter the new computer name in the dialog box, and click OK three times. Restart the computer for the change to become permanent.

You cannot do that, but you can try to change the name then disable network connection and enable it again. Also you can try restarting some of network services.

The welcome name on Windows XP can be changed by going to the user's menu in control panel. This allows for additional customization for each user.

Windows XP is a general name given to sevearl operating systems released by Microsft in the early 200's. These include: Windows XP Home, Windows XP Pro, WIndows XP Stater, Windows XP Media Edition, WIndows XP Tablet, Windows XP N, Windows XP K and Windows XP KN

All that I have found so far involves making the PC leave the domain by joining a workgroup, then rejoining the domain.

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you can change windows ce with any other operating system made for arm architecture,,,but not xp

In order to change a laptop from windows 8 to windows xp you will have to go through a few steps. You will first have to uninstall windows 8 then download the widow xp.

If you have Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate you can install Windows XP Mode. Or if you want to downgrade you can do a clean install of Windows XP with an installation disk.

Windows XP and Windows 2003 came before Windows Vista. The 64-bit version of XP was really mostly Windows 2003 branded as XP, and not truly XP, despite the name.

Domain name service, network address translation and dynamic host configuration protocol

windows 7 is a more advanced OS with better visual styles and less bugs and it crashes less. It is possible to change windows xp to windows 7 for free.

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It's claimed that the name stands for "Windows eXPperience"

The control panel in Windows XP is used to change and adjust the way Windows behaves and looks to the user.

The same way you host it on Windows XP. Go to sa-mp forums and there is a section that discusses this.

you can not degrade.. you have to do new installation

You cant change it Answer You can't change it *easily*.

yesWINDOWS 7 go to control panel>system>change settings>computer name>hit change at the bottom and make a workgroup name.XP go to control panel>system>change settings>computer name>hit change at the bottom and put in the same workgroup, in xp, go to a folder,CD drive,etc. right click,sharing and select the options you want.7,right click,sharing tab, advanced sharing,tick share.

if your have windows 7, you have windows 7. if you have windows xp, you have windows xp. that's the difference.

Yes. Hence the "XP" part of it's name.

Windows XP available in three versions. 1) Windows XP Starter Version. 2) Windows XP SP2 3)Windows XP SP3

To change the contents of the boot loader menu in Windows XP, one must edit the boot.ini file.

Windows XP will not change an administrator account to limited if it is the only administrator account on the system (other than the account named Administrator).

The different versions of Windows XP are: (1) Windows XP Professional (2) Windows XP Home Edition (3) Windows XP Media Center Edition (4) Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (5) Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (fka Windows XP 64-bit Edition)