How do you change oil Audi a4 quattro?

1- lift car up

2- put oil drainage pan under (for the old oil to drain)

3- loosen .. take off oil pan screw (be careful do it slow as the oil will come out and

it might be hot, wear gloves)

4-drain all the oil

5-unscrew old oil filter (you can get to it either from the bottom if you have your car

lifted high up, or if you're doing it on jack stands then you can get to the oil filter from the

engine compartment but will need to unscrew the coolant reservoir to get to it)

6-once all the oil has drained, take new oil filter and dab of the old oil and rub it around

the rubber gasket rim of the new oil filter to avoid drying out, then screw in the new oil filter, don't over tighten it, just enough to screw it in and a tad more that's all.

7-put back the oil pan screw (but I recommend use new washer each oil change they are cheap), screw it in don't over tighten.

8-put in new oil

9-check oil level make sure you have enough.

10-close cap, start engine let it run for a minute, turn it off, wait a minute..

11-check oil level again.. if needed fill more..


** Dispose old oil correctly, the environmentally friendly way, please don't dump it

in the garbage, put in old oil bottles and dispose off correctly.**