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How do you change the EGR solenoid valve in a 97 Infiniti i30?


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When you pop open the hood, look at the side of the engine on your right (driver's side). Underneath all the air intake duct that connects to your air filter is the EGR valve. It may have a grey plastic top with an electrical connector attached to it (this top is about an inch and a half to two inches in diameter), a middle section below this that is made from a silvery metal with two rubber hoses plugged into it, and below this a bottom section with a metal pipe maybe three quarters of an inch in diameter connected to it. The metal pipe curves around and goes back behind the engine. There are two bolts that the valve is mounted on. To remove the valve, first you have to get a bunch of hoses and stuff out of the way to expose it, then disconnect the hoses and electrical connector from the valve, then disconnect the metal pipe connected to the base, then remove the two nuts on the two bolts. There is a gasket between the EGR valve and the engine which you will have to replace. It cost less than two dollars, good luck and hope this helps. WHen installing just do everything on revers. If you not sure if you can recall how the hoses goes back, take picture with your cell phone as reference.