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1995 Chevrolet Astro EGR Maintenance Procedure

EGR solenoid does not function properly due to carbon build-up inside the EGR chamber. No need to purchase new EGR, regular maintenance when needed will suffice.

Common vehicle symptom is rough idling and engine stalling; check engine flash code 32 (OBD1) - EGR ciruit fault.

EGR only turns on (allows exhaust fumes to mix with intake charge) when engine is warmed up or when reaches optimal operating temperature. EGR is off on 'P' Parking and 'N' Neutral positions when idling and when cold.


-Small and regular flathead screw driver

-2mm flathead screw driver

-1/2" driver ratchet

-1 ft extension, 1/2" driver socket connector bar

-adjustable 1/2" driver socket connector

-10mm socket (1/2" socket)

-brake cleaner

-shop towels

-oil bucket or any low-wide open bucket/cardboard box

-wire tooth brush

EGR Removal Procedure:

1. Park vehicle in safe area with plenty of room around front of vehicle. Open, prop up hood and locate air box (very front of engine bay) and EGR (EGR location is just below throttle opening which is connected to the air filter box tube/duct - hard to see at this point).

Warning! Wait for engine to cool first, warm to touch, before working in the engine bay.

2. Untighten "first screw clamp" from "air filter box" to "air filter tube/duct" with flathead screw driver. A small flathead screw driver will work best at this location depending if the screw/worm of the screw clamp is in a tight location.No need to fully unscrew screw clamp, just loosen to be able to remove component.

3. Unclamp the 2 clamps from air filter box.

4. Gently remove connecting hose (crankcase ventilation hose) on the right side of the air filter box. If it is tight, gently twist to remove while holding the part that connects to the air filter box.

5. Gently twist and pull off top part of the air filter box. Set it aside. Air filter can be left in for this procedure, no need to remove it.

6. Unplug connector from air filter tube/duct.

7. Untighten "second screw clamp" from "air filter tube/duct" to "throttle body" with flathead screw driver. A regular size flathead screw driver will work best at this location depending if the screw/worm of the screw clamp is in a in a tight location. No need to fully unscrew screw clamp, just loosen to be able to remove component.

8. Gently twist and pull off air filter tube/duct. Set it aside.

9. Locate EGR beneath throttle body and 2 mounting bolts.

10. Using "ratchet + extension bar + adjustable connector + 10mm socket" ease it onto the left mounting bolt and loosen bolt (counter-clockwise to loosen) but do not fully loosen yet. If this is the first time it is being untightened, it will be tight, even if engine is warm to touch.

11. Now loosen right side. Once both sides are loosened, continue to take both bolts off.

12. EGR should come off easily. It can be taken out between the coolant hose and throttle body. Push down coolant hose to get more room to squeeze EGR out.

13. Clean EGR valve and chamber using a wire tooth brush and 2mm flathead screw driver. Use brake cleaner to spray out deposits and a shop towel + 2mm flathead combo to remove further deposits.

Be careful not to spray eyes! I suggest wearing safety glasses. Spray over bucket with shop towels, paper towels or newspapers.

Notice EGR valve when pushed down with 2mm flathead screw driver. It will be a little harder to lightly pry up within the chamber with 2mm flathead at this point. Also, the valve should still move smoothly up and down when not pushed all the way to the bottom. In addition, the valve should stay down when pushed down due to the solenoid, but should also easily be released if valve is very lightly pried up. Due to carbon buildup, the valve is sticky and a little harder to pry up at this point.

Clean chamber and top portion (head) of the valve until you see metal. Due the best you can though you might not be able to get everything. EGR valve should be easily pried up after cleaning, valve should pop up with a little light push.

Be careful not to ruin the gasket portion on the EGR while cleaning and spraying.

14. If there is excessive carbon build-up in and around the throttle intake. Spray brake cleaner on a towel and wipe away until shiny.

15. Reverse order to install for EGR and air filter tube/duct and box.

Make sure alignment of EGR back onto intake manifold is correct.

Double check mounting bolts are tight, as tight as when they came off.

Double check connectors are connected before moving on to the next step of reinstallation.

Air filter box might be a little tricky to get on, but push down to locate it into the slots.

Good luck! Hope this helped!

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Q: How do you change the EGR valve on a 1995 Chevy Astro?
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