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Remove the rear seat. There should be a foam like box-like cover. Remove that and there is your vacuum pump (for the lock I presume?) Remove the wire connections and voila!

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2007-05-13 16:13:42
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Q: How do you change the air pump on a Mercedes Benz 190E?
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The powersteering pump is driven by the serpentine belt. There is only the one belt to drive everything

Is there an inline fuel filter on the 190e 2.3 Mercedes Benz?

Yes there is an inline fuel filter on the 190e 2.3 Mercedes Benz which is located under the passenger side of the car in front of the rear axle in the same container as the fuel pump.

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Unable to find the fuel pump relay on a 1984 Mercedes-Benz 190E Checked by the fuse box but its not there?

It is located behind the battery. Lift up the black cover and there it is

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What provides the signal for the fuel pump to run during cranking on a 91 Mercedes 190E?

Fuel Pump Relay.

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The fuel pump relay on a 1988 Mercedes-Benz 300E is located on the passenger side, near the firewall, by the battery. Mercedes-Benz was founded in 1926.

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