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Just put the screw between the fob and pull it apart and change the battery.

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Q: How do you change the battery on a 2007 Saturn Aura key fob?
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How do you reset the oil gage on 2007 Saturn Aura?

check to see if there is a red button in the fuse box next to the battery. if there is push that and it should reset the oil change light.

What engine coolant do you need for a 2007 Saturn Aura?

Dexcool, I just had to add coolant (reservoir was bone dry!) to a 2007 Aura

When was Saturn Aura created?

Saturn Aura was created in 2006.

What is the Wheel Bolt Pattern and Offset for the 2007 Saturn Aura XE?

The wheel bolt pattern for the 2007 Saturn Aura is 5 x 4.33 inches or 5 x 110 millimeters. The offset is high positive.

What type of power steering fluid is used in 2007 Saturn Aura?

Dexton 111

How may quarts of oil for a 2007 Saturn Aura xr?

5.5 per Jiffy Lube

Why was the Saturn Aura discontinued?

The Saturn Aura was discontinued in 2009, when General Motors announced it was closing its Saturn brand. Currently, Buick is producing the Buick Regal, a car that is based on the Aura's design.

How do you reset the oil change light on a 2007 aura?

Read the manual!

How many catalytic converters on a 2007 Saturn Aura?

The 2.4 has one cat.The 3.5 and the 3.6 has two cats.

How do you turn off the oil change light on a 2007 Saturn Aura?

The oil change light on your car will not go off until you get an oil change. If you have and it still hasn't gone away, you may need to go back to your mechanic.

How much does a 2010 Saturn Aura cost?

There is no 2010 Saturn Aura. The Aura's last year of production was in 2009. The Saturn company is no longer making any new cars, and are now only selling used cars.

Where is the Saturn Aura car built?

The Aura is built in Fairfax Kansas along with the Malubu.

Does Saturn aura have timing chain or belt?

My mechanic told me that the Aura has a timing chain.

Is Saturn a union built car?

Yes, Saturn Aura , the Saturn Sky and etc are union built cars.

Where can someone find saturn aura hybrid?

Saturn's website is one place where someone could find a Saturn Aura Hybrid. Edmund's website is another place where some could find this vehicle online.

What type of car is a Saturn Aura?

A Saturn Aura is a compact car, great for families on the go. This car has great gas mileage and if it was an appliance I would call it an energy saver.

How long has the Saturn Sky been around and what models do they currently sell?

The Saturn Sky has been around since the first trimester of 2006 with model 2007. Currently they sell the Saturn Sky, Saturn Aura, Saturn Astra, Saturn ION, Saturn Outlook, Saturn S-serie, the Saturn VUE and the newest one is the Staturn Sky Base Roadster and the Sky Red Line Roadster.

How Do You Replace Headlights on a 2007 Saturn Aura?

You can either take the wheel off and take the wheel well out to do the low beams but its very frustrating. In order to change the high beams you have to remove the front bumper cover and then the whole assemblies will come out. Someone with small hands can get the low beams out with only removing the battery cover. Not sure about the passenger side.

Is it ok to use mobil 1 synthetic oil on a Saturn Aura?


Where can one purchase a 2008 Saturn Aura?

One can purchase a 2008 Saturn Aura vehicle from Auto Trader where there are many listed for sale. One can also buy them from AOL Autos, Edmunds and eBay Motors.

Does the 2007 Saturn Aura's bcm store the cars mileage?

Yes the vehicles mileage / odometer value is stored in the BCM and is transmitted and updated to the vehicle IPC / dash / cluster

Where is the data port on the 2008 Saturn Aura?

Under the dashboard, beside the steering column.

Does a 2004 Saturn Aura have a timing chain or belt?

All of the 4 cylinder Saturn's used a timing chain. All of the V6 Saturn's used a timing belt.

What are the ratings for the Saturn Aura?

The 2009 Saturn Aura is fuel efficient with a durable V6 engine and provides a comfortable smooth ride. However, it has some reliability issues and no rear center arm rest which brings the ratings down.

Location of the BCM in a 2007 Saturn Aura?

Passenger front side of the center console Remove the right lower center console trim panel it should have a big fuse image stamped on it.