How do you change the brakes on a Oldsmobile Intrigue?

Hey Felecia, if you're going to change both front and rear, I suggest you get a shop manual on your car for about $18. It will show you how, as the rear ones have a bunch of springs and you need to remember how they go. Good luck, Joe.

Actually, there are no springs for the rear brakes on any Intrigue. They all have 4-wheel ABS disc brakes. The brakes are very easy to service on this model, just be sure and have a manual for all the correct torque specs.

It is pretty easy. 1.)Jack up the car and remove the tire. 2.)Open the hood and loosen, or remove the brake fluid resivor cap. 3.)Use a 6-8 " C-Clamp place it on the outside of the outter brake pad , and on the bolt that holds the brake line to the caliper.and tighten it . this will retract the caliper allowing room for the new pads. 4.)On the front brakes use a 15 mm box wrench ( rear brakes use a 14 mm)and loosen both bolts holding the caliperto the wheel assembly. 5.)Remove the top bolt. 6.)Swing the caliper (pivoting on the bottom bolt) out. 7.)Remove the old pads and insert the new pads. 8.)Swing caliper assembly in and replace the bolt. 9.)Tighten both bolts . 10.)Replace the wheel. caution caution caution. when you start the car DO NOT try to drive first thing. With the motor running and in PARK, pump the brake pedal repeatibley until you feel resistance. Otherwise you will take off and not be able to stop.last but not least before touching your pedal remember to tighten your cap on your master cylinder.