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93 Geo Prizm parking lamp replacementI just changed the front right parking lamp on my 93 Geo Prizm, assuming your 96 is similar, here is how to do it:

Under the hood, at the top of the juncture of the front fender, parking light assembly, and headlight assembly, there is a flat headed Phillips screw (installed vertically); remove the screw, the parking light assembly should then be somewhat loose. (After this screw has been reomoved, the unit is then held in place by a small locator shaft/pin with a notched/bulb head that fits into a sleeve in the supporting structure. This pin is located in the lower front corner of the assembly and is aligned going straight back). The whole assembly can then be pulled forward and removed. It will take some force to remove and may take a little coaxing from the back. If you pry it, use a wood shim or similar to keep from damaging the unit or the fender. It will come out straight forward - do not pull at an angle.

After removing the assembly, the bulb can be accesed from the back of the unit. Twist the socket to remove it from the back of the unit and replace the bulb.

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Q: How do you change the front parking light on a 1996 Geo Prism?
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