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it is under the driverside door inside the frame makesure the ignetion is turned off it takes 2 wrenches so you dont twist the line

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โˆ™ 2006-04-10 18:55:36
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Q: How do you change the fuel filter on a 1996 chev w350 vortec?
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Why is 1986 Chev El Camino stalling?

change your fuel filter

Is the 99 Chev vortec 350 internal or externally balanced?


Does a purolator oil filter PL24651 fit a 1996 chev blazer?

No, it will not fit, you need a Purolator PL24011

How do you change the cabin air filter on a Chevy Express 2500 van?

There is no cabin filter on full size Chev vans.

Where is the fuel filter for a 1996 Chev S10 pickup?

In my 2000, it is under the truck slightly behind where the driver's seat is

Where is fuel filter o 1995 chev pickup?

where is fuel filter loc on 1995 chev 1500 pickup and what does it loo like

Will a 86 chev 350 heads bolt to 92 350 vortec motor?

They'll bolt up, but not function properly. By the way, the 92 5.7 was not a Vortec engine.

Where is the cab filter for 2004 chev silverado?

Your truck does not have a cabin filter.

Where is the fuel pressure regular located on a 1992 chev s10 vortec 4.3 blazer?

It is in the throttle body.

What is the engine oil capacity for 350 ci chev engine?

Normally 5 quarts with a filter change on a stock 350.

Where is the cab filter on 2001 Chev Express 2500?

Doesn't have a cabin filter.

How do you change the air filter on a 2.2L 2006 chev HHR?

The air filter is in the air box on top of the engine. Disconnect the air intake from the fender, then the wiring to the sensors. The box can now be removed and the filter changed.

Where is the Oil drain plug and oil filter on a 2006 chev trailblazer fwd please be specific?

Where is the Oil drain plug and oil filter on a 2006 chev trailblazer

Where is the fuel filter located on 1997 chev mailbu?

up my but

Where is the oil filter located on a 1994 chev s10 blazer v6 vortec?

attached to the engine. it will look like a small coffee can, possible say fram on the side of it. -Richard B ------------------------------- The oil filter on these is located at the front drivers side fender. The easiest way to change the filter is to remove the air filter big job. Then look towards the front of the Drivers side fender behind the headlight and you will see the filter. These are a remote location filter - The reason they put it there is because of the front 4 wheel drive differential. The front diff makes the remote location a necessity.

Is there a cabin air filter in a 1996 Chevy truck?

no they didnt start till year 2000 on the Chevy pickups its located on the passengerside under glove box

Where is O2 sensor 94 Chev S-10 vortec 4.3?

located on the left exhaust manifold pipe at bottom of engine

Will a stp s5 oil filter fit a chev 350 engine?

Yea it does! Also fits 1998 chev 5.0 litre enginec

2007 Chevy 2500 cabin air filter location?

cabin air filter on 2007 chev 2500hd

What motor does a motor master mph3506 oil filter fit?

Chev 5.3

Where is the oil filter on an S10 pick up 4.3 liter?

where is location of oil filter in chev s10 4.3 vortex

Will heads off a 1996 chev LT1 fit on a 1974 350?


What temperature thermostat for 7.4L 1996 chev suburban?

195 degree

What is the spark plug gap for 1996 chev Tahoe 350?


What does the fuel filter look like and where is it for a 2005 chev avero?

Doesn't have one. They use a screen in the gas tank to filter the fuel.