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It's very easy. Having not changed one before I was hesitant because of the locking plastic clip, but to my surprise the green clip needed no special tool. Just unclip the flap at the green clip with a screw driver, once you do that you push the entire green clip up. By pushing the clip up you

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How many qt of trans fluid for 2002 dodge ram 1500?

5 for filter change12 if empty5 for filter change12 if empty

Why doesn't the gas tank on my 2002 Chevy cavalier go all the way to empty?

just keep driving. when it stops, you're empty.

When should you replace the fuel filter located on a Chevy Impala?

it is recommended that the fuel filter be changed every 15000 miles or 12 months, but if you always drive on empty, you might want to change it more often.

How many quarts does a 2002 Chevy cavalier transmission hold?

six 6 with the toeque converter empty. 4 without six 6 with the torque converter empty. 4 without

What is the average mileage on a tank for a 1996 Chevy Cavalier?

my '96 cavalier sedan (233,000 miles) gets about 450 miles per tank if i run it completely empty, averaging 30 mpg.

How do you empty trans fluid from torque converter 91 Chevy cavalier rs?

Remove it from the car OR It can be flushed by a knowledgeable person with the correct equipment.

How do you change the oil on a cb 550?

Find the drain plug and unscrew it. Empty the oil from the filter. Replace the oil and screw the filter into the engine.

Why Chevy Suburban fuel pump burn?

Running the vehicle with a partially clogged fuel filter. Continuously running it with the tank almost empty.

How many quarts transmission fluid in a 4.3 liter v6 Chevy blazer?

If you are just dropping the pan for a filter change, 4 qts should do it. If the trans is totally empty including the torque converter, 11 qts should do it.

What causes empty fuel filter?

Lack of fuel. Either the tank is empty, or the line from the tank to the filter is clogged.

How many quarts of transmission fluid does it take for a 2003 4.7 dodge durango?

6 for filter service.12 if empty6 for filter service.12 if empty

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 2006 Chevrolet Colorado hold?

from empty torque converter to full or from i drained tranny pan change filter and installed new gasket ?4 qts on filter replacement and about 10 on completely empty including torque converter.

How do you change ac filter in your 2003 highlander?

Open and empty the glovebox - remove the restraints that keep it from falling down - drop the box to its lowest level and it will reveal the filter housing located right behind it - remove the filter housing and replace the filter - reassemble in reverse order.

How do you empty the fuel tank on a Chevy Malibu?

Drive it.....

Fluid capacity of the 2005 GTO Auto Trans?

11.4 quarts when completely empty. Less than that when doing a simple filter/fluid change. I have been searching for days to find out just how many for the filter change. Best guess 4-7 qts...

How do you change oil on a 1996 Road King?

I found the easiest and cleanest way to change the oil is with a small hand pump and drain it out thru the fill tube. After the case is empty then remove the oil filter.

Where is the fuel pump located in a 1992 Chevrolet Camaro?

my fuel pump is located in the gas tank real hassel to change and getting out the tank, make sure you have plenty of room under the car and its empty cause you will need to rotate the tank which spills gas if not empty. Change the filter at the same time.

How many quartz of transmission oil you need for a 6 cilinders Chevy s10?

If you are just dropping the pan and changing the filter, 4 quarts should do it. If it is completely empty including the torque converter, 12 qts.

How much transmission fluid hold in a 2005 dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi hold?

Filter service requires about 6 quarts.Empty it can take near 12.Filter service requires about 6 quarts.Empty it can take near 12.

How to empty gas out of a 57 Chevy?

Pull the tank. It is easy enough.

Does the fuel tank have to be dropped to change the fuel filter?

I have a dodge truck and yes it did have to be dropped but it is soo easy anyone can do it you only have to take off two bolts do it when the tank is empty

What is the empty vehicle weight of a 1998 Chevy Cheyenne CK 1500 step-side pickup?

The empty vehicle weight of your 1998 Chevy Cheyenne step side pickup truck is stated as 4374 pounds. The empty vehicle weight does not include any fluids or accessories.

How do you change the passenger compartment air filter on a 2001 Tracker and do I need that filter?

The filter is locatd behind the glove compartment. How to change it: Open the glove box Empty contents Pull the door down to the next detent, if you had anything left in it, it will be on the floor now You should now be able to see the compartment where the filter is located Pull the pin to open the door where the filter is located and replace Is it necessary? I like having it, my family suffers from horrible allergies and while it does not alleviate all symptoms, it is helpful to keep the dust and allergens out.

Change fuel pump on 88 Chevy van?

The Fuel pump is mounted in the fuel tank Make sure the tank is nearly empty as it is very heavy, even when empty. Drop the Fuel Tank, make sure you WD40 the bolts 1st as they tend to snap off.

What is the curb weight of 1970 Chevy C50?

My 1970 Chevy c50 with 8 foot dump body scaled 9700 lbs empty