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How do you change the icons on a computer with Windows 98 installed?

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Right click the icon ~ click properties ~ click change icon ~ click on new choice ~ click OK ~ click Apply & OK

2006-11-14 07:57:45
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Where should you install icons for windows?

Shell32.dll holds all the icons for Windows. You might want to get a third party program to change the icons for you if you are.

What icons are on the MacBook?

all of the signs on a windows computer and, possibl more

How do you enlarge icons on a laptop computer?

if you mean the icons on u'r desktop or in explorer in windows vista: hold ctrl and then scroll. In windows xp it isn't possible.

How many icons are in system 32 and subfolders in windows XP?

6032, including icons embedded in dlls. Though the answer can very depending on installed programs.

How can icons be deleted?

For windows and Windows XP computer icons can be deleted by left clicking your mouse and going down to the delete option. I am not sure for the Ipod Touch though, i only have a nano.

Who created the first set of icons for the Macintosh computer?

The original Macintosh icons were created by Susan Kare. She went on to design icons for Windows 3 and recently for FaceBook.

How can yoyu change icons on the start page HTC pro touch 2 windows phone?

Look for at XDA website. It helps/allows you to change the icons. There are also many icons there.

How do you change the size of the icons on the desktop in Windows 98?

Click on the link below for the answer.

Change icons on windows desktop?

right click the icon, select "properties", click on "change icon"

What are some of the common icons on the first screen in windows 98 desktop?

my computer , rcyclebin, my dcmts.

What icons did the first computers have?

They didn't have icons, they had a blank screen with a flashing cursor. There was no such thing as a Windows type interface. You would type in commands to tell the computer what to do.

How do you change the size of your desktop icons on windows vista?

right click and there should be an option to do that

What is the working area of a computer screen called which includes icons windows task bars and menus?


What is an example of a user interface?

Windows is a user interface, enabling you to interact with the computer through menus and icons.

Where can you find the utilities window on a Mac?

a mac computer or laptop will have many windows like a windows computer. you should find the utilities window at the bottom or with the other icons on the main screen

Why do the icons on your computer appear bigger?

Icon size can change usually by two means. e.g. under Windows XP 1. Change resolution of the display 2. Change icon size in desktop properties -> appearance -> icon size.

Where are your windows icons stored?

in my opinion the icons are stored on the desktop

Does all of your documents and icons stay on the desktop when you restart a computer?

Any icon on the desktop will stay on the desktop when you restart your computer. Upon windows shutdown, Windows saves all of your settings and preferences. So when you restart all of the icons, documents, pictures and everything else will stay right were it was.

What are the two tools that Windows Vista provides for exploring the files and folders on your computer?

Windows Vista provides two tools for exploring the files and folders on your computer- WINDOWS EXPLORER and the COMPUTER WINDOW. Both display the contents of your computer, using icons to represent drives, folders, and files.

What is the path for windows xp default icons?

%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dllIf you type this path into the change icon dialog path, the icons display automagically.

What is the difference in icons in Windows 98 windows XP and windows ME?

In windows 98 and windows me, the icons have a color depth of 16-bit, in windows xp the icons have a color depth of 32-bit and so they are higher quality. Note: Windows xp more user freindly and graphics clear.

How we can change color of selected files' icons?

A person can change the color of selected Icons on the desktop of the computer by right clicking on the Icon. After right clicking, choose "Rename".

What icons appear on the desktop the first time you start Windows?

When I got a new Windows computer the first icons on the desktop where those of the factory-loaded programs. So I would assume that if there was no factory loaded programs nothing would appear!

What are the icons called that are displayed on a backround after booting windows?

Desktop icons.

How do I change the thumbnail size on my Windows 7 computer desktop?

In Windows 7, the size of the desktop icon thumbnails can be changed by right-clicking on an empty area of the desktop. Next, click on View, then select either Small, Medium or Large icons.