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you will need to pull the steering wheel and column cover then it will be simpl to pull out cylinder and replace it.

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Q: How do you change the ignition cylinder on a 1987 Olds 98?
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Does a 2003 olds alero have a chip in the key?

according to my gm dealer it does not. The passlock system is in the ignition cylinder

How would you replace a ignition key if you lost the only one on a 92 olds 98 regancy?

A dealer can look up the ignition codes to make a key if one needs to be replaced on a 1992 Olds 98. A locksmith can also help but the ignition cylinder has to be removed.

How do you access the ignition cylinder in the drive shaft of a 1972 Olds Delta 88?

Steering wheel has to be removed. You need special tools.

Which wires for the radio of a 1987 Olds Calais are for the power and ignition etc?

constant power - orange power when key turned on - yellow

How do you get a 1987 Olds Toronado with a timing problem but still fires and will work once in a blue moon to run?

Possible ignition module problem.

How do you check ignition module on a olds 88?

Need to know the firing order for a 1989 Olds 88 and the corresponding numbers on the ignition coil pack

How do I Replace the passlock sensor on olds alero?

More than likely you need to replace the ignition cylinder lock, which houses one of the passlock sensors. It is fairly common for this to fail.

How do you change a surpentine belt on a 1999 Olds Alero 4-cylinder?

Put a wrench on the tensioner and turn counter clockwise, belt will come off easy.

Location of ignition coil?

where is the ignition coil on olds 2.3liter 89 cutless vin d

Where is ecm located on 1987 olds cutlass?

where is the emc located on a 1988 olds cutlass?

What cylinder heads will fit a 2003 olds silhouette?

what heads will fit on my 2000 olds silhouette v6 3.4

Which Coil goes to the?

#3 Cylinder on a 1998 Olds 88

How do you change the cradle mount on a 1995 Olds?

How do you change a cradle mount for a 1995 OLDS 98

How do you change 1998 Olds Intrigue?

Change what?Change what?

Where is the ignition control module on 93 olds cutlass cierra s with 3300 V-6?

underneath the ignition coils

How do you turn off the change oil light on 2000 Oldsmobile?

I have a 2000 Olds Silohuette. I just reset the "Change Oil" light by turning the ignition to on(DO NOT START THE VEHICLE), pushing the accelerator down to the floor 6 times, turning the ignition off, and then starting the van. The light did not come on. Hopefully this will help.

What size wheels were on the 1987 olds cutlass 442?


How do you remove an ignition switch on an olds intrigue?

Please consult a Haynes manual for this procedure.

Where is ignition module on 92 olds cutlass supreme?

Is located under the coil packs

Why would the security light come on randomly in a 1995 olds' eighty eight?

This vehicle has an ignition lock cylinder which has two very thin gage wires attached to it as part of the security system. Each time you turn the ignition lock cylinder these two wires move with it and after years of this movement one or both become detached. You can replace the lock cylinder or bypass the security system altogether by installing a resistor the same value as the resitor chip in your key into the wiring harness below the steering column.

1987 olds 98 fuel pump relay location?

Where is the location of fuel filter on a 1987 oldsmobile 98?

Where to get a replacement key for 2000 Olds Intrigue?

The key has a built in Chip and can only be purchased from a Olds. dealer cost is around $21. edit The ignition actually uses PKII (pk2)system. There is not a resistor in the key. The chip is on the key lock cylinder not the key. Dealer is still the best place to get them. Last one I got was 9 dollars.

Where is the fan relay switch on a 1987 olds regency?

You're on the wrong forum.

How do you get the boot all the way down on the spark plug when replacing wires on a 2001 Olds Alero 4-cylinder?

Use silicon grease.

How do you replace the thermostate on a 1988 olds v6?

how do you change a thermostat on a olds cutlass supreme 1983