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If it's anything like mine, it probally just has to be cleaned. I had the problem because the cigarette lighter is really close to the cup holder, and i drink a lot of coffee...and also corner quite abruptly. lol. Some degreaser sprayed in there when battery is unhooked, and a good wipe with a rag worked for me.

additionalyTry cleaning up the lighter itself with some find sandpaper. Be sure to tap out any residue that the sandpaper might leave. OR, run down to your local parts store or junk yard and pick up a replacement lighter.

if cleaning doesnt fix it you can reach underneath and unscrew the ring to remove the socket then pull the electrical connecter off....then ethier go to a wrecking yard and buy an identical one, or go to an auto parts store and but a universal plug

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Q: How do you change the lighter unit in a 1999 Pontiac Sunfire?
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